I Own The Summer 4th Of July Extravaganza

Top Quote I'm focused more than ever and that's scary. When the game is on the line I always want the ball because I'm always ready to win. End Quote
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA (1888PressRelease) June 04, 2012 - In Hollywood, summertime means box office movies, box office stars, alot of tourists and beaches that look like "Baywatch" everyday. The party scene in LA peaks in the summer but every party is the same without a powerful force of energy inspiring the room. Many venues sell people on this person or that person making "an appearance", some might throw out that they were featured in this magazine or on this TV show but how many individuals can sell a classy crowd on just their name alone? Not many and that's why "The New Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Kenneth Monroe is a special individual. For a guy that has a unique resume that many independent filmmakers, indie musicians, socialites and young entrepreneurs would love to have- he continues to show his worth by following his own blueprint. I advise you to not make any 4th of July plans because "The New Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" is ready to set off a summer to remember.

    "It's summertime baby so you know what that means, hot and sexy inspiration. I have to raise the stakes this summer. People are use to my exclusive events and I'm very grateful for my regular followers and the new followers as well. I always attract new factors and socialites after every event. It's a blessings because I never get asked who is going to be there, I never have to name drop people or venues. The people are there for me and I always let them know I appreciate it. I do this stuff for them, it's always about them. I live to see people happy, dressed to impress and inspired for greatness. They know my parties are fun and alot of networking always go down. I take pictures and talk with my factors the whole time. I do whatever they want me to do and never say no to anybody. You won't ever catch me in VIP somewhere in the corner being anti-social. It's all love when I'm in the room because I'm about that life." (Monroe)

    This 4th of July, Monroe will be producing an Independence weekend bash that consists of 4 different invite only red carpet events jumping off on Wednesday July 4th and ending Saturday July 7th. Not only is he throwing the parties but a film crew will follow him during this 4 day extravaganza as "I Own The Summer" documentary will be filmed along with the soundtrack.

    "I'm focused more than ever and that's scary. When the game is on the line I always want the ball because I'm always ready to win." (Monroe)

    Let's have a recap and get caught up to date. This is the same guy that was bold enough to turn down multiple select city theater offers, record label offers, didn't submit to any film festivals and passed on agents and managers who wanted to add his presence to their roster. He turned down the different avenues because he didn't need acceptance from a panel of festivals judges, he wasn't going to sign with movie distribution companies and record labels who was going to have 100% creative control and who wasn't willing to give up a certain amount of back end points. As far as agents and managers, Monroe is flattered by the respect but he is not in a rush to sign during his independent campaign because his relationships are already worthy.

    "He told me how he was into acting and have 3 movies coming out. I always like working with artists who aren't lazy. I see Monroe as an entertainer. Some artists limit their fan base, he has a chance to reach all nationalities." (Lil Flip, Multi Platinum artist)

    With a high level of pre orders for movie and soundtrack, endorsement deals, movie tours, celeb and factor relationships, talent signed to him under management, campaigns he produces for other celebs and companies, titles he holds as "Cub Of The Year" he has alot to celebrate this 4th of July. The guy has created an independent movement and he's just getting started. Not only will Monroe provide guests with a epic week of festivities but each guest will get an exclusive copy of Monroe's movie and soundtrack. The most inspiring element is 2 and a half years ago Monroe started filming this movie 4th of July weekend in San Francisco and on this 4th of July he comes back for the release and follows the next evening with the LA release. Shae Lynn, one of San Francisco's VIP fashionista and socialite will be co-producing Monroe's San Francisco release party. Her company VIP Socialite ( was one of the sponsors at Monroe's 30th birthday party and that's all it took for them to witness Monroe's relevance.

    "He is truly an inspiration to many young rising stars. He is definitely making moves establishing a solid name for himself. Monroe is treated like the prince he is. Everyone speaks very highly of him, love him and support his amazing talents." (Shae Lynn, Vip Socialite)

    VIP Socialite presented Monroe with his custom made crown which was the highlight for Monroe and his followers. "The New Fresh Prince Of The Bel Air's" wave is reaching many cities outside of LA including other countries.

    "Our designers knew the crown had to be special and fit for a king so we designed a gold VIP crown with delicate jewels to honor him as the official "New Fresh Prince Of Bel Air". He was born to shine and we look forward to welcoming him with open arms in San Francisco. He is the only one who can bring Hollywood to San Francisco and do it in style with red carpet and high class society." (Shae Lynn, VIP Socialite)

    After the 2 day movie and soundtrack release bash he will settle into the weekend feeling like a cast member in the TV show "Cougar Town" and the man in the robe none other than the legendary Hugh Hefner. Back in 2010, Monroe was named the 1st ever "Cub Of The Year" by ABC's "Cougar Town" cast member Carolyn Hennesy and Lucia who is the international Cougar expert of the world. Monroe has had alot of fun holding on to the "Cub Of The Year" title but he is excited to pass the torch to a new cub as the tradition continues.

    "I feel like the 1st ever "Miss America", "Playmate Of The Year", "Miss Universe" and all of those other titles. I'm very humble and honored because I've always been into older women. If you told me years ago that I would be "Cub Of The Year" I would have laughed and said get out of here. The people that gave me the title also played a big part because they were valadated in that industry as pioneers. It was history but now it's time for history to move forward as it always does." (Monroe)

    "When Monroe was crowned "Cub Of The Year" he was the "New Kid On The Block", just starting to make a name for himself. Since that time, many people both in and out of the entertainment business have grown to know and love him. He's a mover and a shaker who gets things done. Monroe's association with the Cougar industry is definitely a plus. He's a very handsome and intelligent young man with a lot going on in his life. He could date women of any age yet he chooses to date older woman and is happy to be associated with Cougars. The feeling is of course mutual." (Lucia, #1 International Cougar Expert)

    Monroe will end the 4th of July festivities on Saturday with his "Masquerade Lingerie Affair." He has been to many Playboy mansion parties and was always inspired by the sexy energy that came with those parties. On a hot summer day in July, people are looking for any excuse to take off their clothes.

    "The Masquerade Lingerie Affair is going to be magical. I've always wanted to do a joint like this, not for me but for the people. Thanks Hef for the inspiration. The entire 4 day bash is going to be magical. I look at the festivities like a book. Your coming in intrigued by the back to back movie and soundtrack epic jumpoff, then it gets to the middle of the book with the "Cub Of The Year" affair which keeps you interested because the topic, title and every element that come along with Cougars are unique. You finish the book with a tremendous ending which is the "Masquerade Lingerie Affair". I covered all angles so it's not hard to see why I will "Own The Summer" (Monroe)

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