Help the Jimmy to collect the fruits in Shadow Chase Run Bear Run

Top Quote This game aims to help Jimmy collect & assemble as many fruits as you can while avoiding all Shimmy’s Shadow Clones, you need to strive to survive for as long as you can. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 09, 2018 - Playing a mobile game has never been so much fun during this day and age, everyone is playing mobile games every day. New games are being launched every day, and most of them are just copying a previous game and no new ideas. KIIINGS has set to launch something new, innovative and exciting. 10th Oct 2018 is the special launching day for KIIINGS new game Shadow Chase Run Bear Run.

    KIIINGS Developers have made this fun adventure game with one thing in mind people. Giving day to day mobile game players a refreshing adventure game to play. Players will be introduced to Jimmy the bear is the protagonist and Shimmy the Shadow bear is the antagonist.

    Most bears love honey and who wouldn’t. However, Jimmy is different and different is good. Jimmy loves his fruits and can't get enough of them so much so that he will do anything to get the fruits. Shimmy is is a curse put on Jimmy and the protector of fruits. Everytime Jimmy gets a fruit Shimmy sends his shadow clones to chase and capture Jimmy, the bear.

    To protect Jimmy the bear and his love of fruits, the developers have put some features. To increase the speed of Jimmy, the bear, there is a secret workout Jimmy does. Jimmy can also defeat Shimmy with the help of 2 secret dance moves. Also, magical fruits will appear, the grapefruit will help destroy shadow clones, and the cherry fruits will stop the bears for at least 5 seconds.

    o keep Jimmy the bear alive and to enjoy the game, keep him running, jumping and collecting fruits because staying still will lead to your capture. Each level has objectives they player has to finish to move on the next level. For each level, you will unlock boost features in this game. Some of the boosts are

    ● Charm boost: Jimmy charming the player and shadow clones.
    ● Dance Boost: Jimmy dancing will stop the shadow bears and destroy at least two shadows
    ● Sit-up boost: this gives Jimmy stamina
    ● Immunity boost: that will help Jimmy to not get captured
    ● Other hidden boosts that players will get to see when they play the game

    Avoid Shimmy’s shadow clones all means. If one or one of his Shadow clones capture, Jimmy is game over for you and Jimmy the bear. Always be alert during the shadow chase because you never know your next move might be your last move.

    Be ready as soon you will meet your cute bear in Shadow Chase Run Bear Run and get an adventure with lots of fun. The company has already announced the launching date which is 10th Oct 2018. that's not long to go soon you will be playing the fantastic, fun, exciting game.

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