Healing Catalyst, Denise LaBarre, announces Virtual Book Tour for her book Issues in Your Tissues

Top Quote Denise LaBarre has officially announced the launch of her virtual book tour. She will be featured in several blogs and radio shows while speaking about the release of her book, Issues in Your Tissues. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 09, 2013 - Author, Denise LaBarre, announces her virtual book tour from February 17 - March 22, 2013. During this time, LaBarre will be the guest of several blogs and will offer radio interviews to officially launch her book, Issues in Your Tissue: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out. In it, Healing Catalyst and emotional intuitive, LaBarre shares her insights and wisdom gained through a lifetime study of psychology, decades of hands-on bodywork. Her book appeals to those with specific physical issues, to those generally interested in alternative health, and to book lovers because of the quality and accessibility of the writing.

    The book's purpose is show readers how unexpressed emotions create their physical problems and then help them experience the connection directly in their bodies and release that stuck energy. LaBarre gets her readers to breathe even as they're reading. She makes us cry and laugh and pay attention to how that feels.

    The book itself catalyzes healing changes even as you read. For real inner change to take place you have to FEEL something and not just think about it. LaBarre's stories bring you in and show you how this looks and feels. Your inner child loves stories and learns best from them. What LaBarre has to say is intuitive, powerful and largely familiar, making it easy to take in.

    LaBarre's stories, cartoons, and exercises will help you understand why it's in your best interest to stop your mind from running the show all the time and come into your body where your emotional energy is. Better than that, she gets you to feel the opening of a full breath, and the delicious, healing connection of energy flowing freely through your body. She wants you to make the connections between the resentment you feel and the pain in your shoulder; or between your anger at your boss or spouse and the tension in your jaw and the pain in your thumbs. That's the healing connection and the beginning of complete well-being.

    Stories like "The Man with Sobbing Shoulders" and "The Onion of Incest" bring up deeply-held emotion as a catalyst for your healing. The point is to inform your understanding so you are comfortable opening inward and releasing stuck emotional energy you may have carried for a long time. Many readers tell me they take in the information slowly, processing the insights and openings as they go. Other readers read it all in one go and then write me asking for more stories.

    For true health, we need both rational and intuitive parts of ourselves communicating freely and working together. Issues in Your Tissues is a vehicle for that connection. It gives your rational mind enough understanding to let down its stranglehold and allow the intuitive healing insights to penetrate your awareness and effect real change. It is truly a whole-brain book dedicated to reconnecting your whole being: mind, body, emotion and spirit.

    LaBarre's tour is a forum to share her insights into the connection of body-mind AND emotion through each of the blogs and radio interviews. Those attending will also be invited to be a part of her giveaway of 5 books through GoodReads.com. If you are interested in connecting with LaBarre's expertise, you can also consider booking her for a workshop or seminar.

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