Guangzhou shipbuilding enterprises choose Xisen intelligent inspection instrument for a long time

Top Quote [Article Introduction] Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), as a large state-owned enterprise, used the direct-connected pressure transmitter to measure pipeline pressure, and even designated Xisen China. Believe it or not, anyway, I believe Up. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 01, 2020 -   Aviation Industry Corporation of China , abbreviated as: Aviation Industry Corporation of China ( AVIC ) , is a large state-owned enterprise funded by the state and directly supervised and managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. AVIC has formed a high-tech industrial system with aircraft and helicopters as the leader, complete aero engines, airborne systems and aviation weapons, and a complete technical foundation. Independent research and development of military aircraft has formed a development pattern of "exploring one generation, developing one generation, and producing one generation".

      China Aviation Industry Corporation designates the Xisen brand, believe it or not? Anyway, I believe >>

      On October 20th , Xisen Marketing Department received a call from Li Gong. Unlike other customers, Li Gong asked at the beginning, "We want to measure the pressure of the pipeline a lot, do you have a pressure transmitter that is more convenient for installation and later maintenance ." Listen to the tone, Li Gong is here Many manufacturers may be consulted, but none of them can meet the requirements. "Yes, we Xisen has a complete family of pressure transmitters to fully meet your needs." Let Li Gong take a " centering pill ", and then we recommended the BST6800 series of direct-connect pressure transmitters to Li Gong . "This pressure transmitter is directly installed on the pipeline with a threaded interface, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly without mounting brackets. It is also convenient to view. It should be the product you are looking for."

      Under our guidance, Li Gong came to our official website and learned about this product in detail. "You have done such a professional website, product quality should not be bad, I believe you." After the report parameters and specific requirements, Li Gong on us ordered 5 sets of direct-attached pressure transmitter trial. But what surprised us was that the delivery address of the product was actually: AVIC Southern Aviation Industry ( Group ) Co., Ltd.

      11 Yue 11 coincides with the "double eleven shopping carnival." AVIC Li Gong contacted us again "Your BST6800 direct-connected pressure transmitter is really the product we have been looking for. It is very convenient to install and maintain. So I decided to order 30 more from you this time , with the same address. "

      Yes, for direct-connect pressure transmitters , China Aviation Industry Corporation has designated the brand Xisen . I believe that our Xisen has contributed a meager force to the development of China's aviation industry.

      As one of the three major ship bases in my country, Guangzhou is also a good partner of Xisen. As the ship control equipment system requires a lot of instruments to measure data, a large number of Xisenís digital display instruments are needed.

      The intelligent digital display alarm produced by Xisen adopts microprocessor for acquisition and control calculation, intelligent universal signal input, digital calibration method, higher measurement accuracy, lower temperature drift, and lower transmission output ripple. It can be used in conjunction with various sensors to realize the display, alarm and transmission of measurement signals such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, and speed. It can be equipped with RS232 and RS485 communication to communicate with the upper computer to form a network.

      The XSPC series intelligent inspection instrument produced by Xisen is an industrial automation instrument. It can be used with various temperature sensors and pressure sensors. It can simultaneously receive 16 channels of temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, current, and voltage signals for roving display and Detection.

      The inspection speed is fast, the channels do not interfere with each other, the stability is good, the alarm box can be installed separately, the MODBUS communication protocol with international standards and many other advantages, it is the most advanced and most complete inspection instrument product at present.