Groundbreaking Advancement: Choosing Babies Eye Color Is Now Possible And Available Only At The Fertility Institute

Top Quote The Fertility Institutes is the Only Location Worldwide with the Advanced Proprietary Service to Provide Eye Color Selection to Interested Parents. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 18, 2018 - Due to incredible advancements in assisted reproduction and genetics, a couple can now choose their future child’s eye color. Dr. Jeffry Steinberg of Fertility Institutes who is leading the ever-expanding role of modern genetics in providing choices concerning the health, well-being, gender and characteristics of planned pregnancies and future children announces the availability of eye color selection. The Fertility Institutes have developed a unique and proprietary blood test examining a complex set of important genetic markers in parents known to be associated with eye color. Important to understand that the parents do not have to personally have the eye color they are seeking, but need to carry the genetic codes for the desired colors.

    “Parents can now choose eye color with 80-85% percent certainty that they will receive it, and The Fertility Institutes is the only place offering this incredible process Worldwide," says Jeffrey Steinberg.

    Parents are increasingly taking advantage of the ever-expanding role of modern genetics in providing choices concerning the health, well-being, gender and characteristics of planned pregnancies and future children. It is key to note that eye color selection is not gene editing or making changes to the embryo but more about identifying the genetic codes and determining which embryos carry the genes to greatly increase the chance of the chosen eye color. Fertility Institute, with locations in Los Angeles and New York, and the only place that has the capability Worldwide that can help couples for with this option. Also, important to note is that this selection is only available to those participating in IVF, it is offered along with PGD.

    Steinberg further states, "When it comes to gender selection it is usually an issue of balance, that the couple has two boys and would like a girl, or vice versa, when it comes to trait selection such as eye color, people elect to have cosmetic surgery and since it is available why not allow them to choose."

    About Dr. Steinberg and The Fertility Institutes:
    Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg has long been hailed as the trailblazer for reproductive medicine in the United States and abroad. In 1986 the first Fertility Institute was founded by Dr. Steinberg as a new kind of medical establishment that prides itself on the practice of Reproductive Medicine based on a solid foundation of science. The doctor and his flourishing institute have grown to include four successful locations including: Los Angeles, New York, Guadalajara, and India.

    Known for his medical advancements with “designer babies” which garnered quite a bit of attention in 2009, now Dr. Steinberg and his fertility clinics helps couples, both gay and straight, create the families of their dreams. At the institute Dr. Steinberg has been involved in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) from the inception of such procedures as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), GIFT and ICSI and continues to participate in latest advances in the field of fertility not only in research but also in practice.

    The distinguished doctor completed his undergraduate education at the University of California Los Angeles and went on to receive an M.D. from Autonomous University of Guadalajara in 1977. He carried out his initial training at Cambridge University in England, the birthplace of In Vitro Fertilization working with such notable physicians as Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, the original British pioneers of In Vitro Fertilization. Shortly after, Dr. Steinberg continued his work in Australia at then, the world's most successful IVF programs.

    After learning from some of the best in the industry his team returned to the U.S. to establish one of the first and most prominent In Vitro Fertilization programs in the United States. Dr. Steinberg has since remained at the forefront of modern advancements in infertility care all the while maintaining the highest degree of scientific credibility and avoiding the temptation of sensationalism associated with the levels of success and popularity the doctor and his institutes have garnered.

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