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  • Patrick Wunsch
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  • Great Potion Games wants to prove that RPG Maker games can be well-made with a reasonable amount of custom ressources. I want to inspire and motivate fellow indie developers and remind players of the golden age of JRPGs while also presenting them with modern game mechanics and fresh ideas.
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  • JRPG with a Twist: 'LV99: Final Fortress' out on 8 July
  • On 8 July, the next game from developer and publisher Great Potion Games will be available on Steam. In the game, RPG enthusiasts jump right into an action-packed JRPG finale, including a number of fearsome bosses, legendary equipment and powerful endgame skills.
  • One and a half year after the release of 'Game Master Plus', an expanded and streamlined remake of the free japanese-style role-playing game 'Game Mas ...
  • June 20, 2020