Good Reasons To Think About E-learning

Top Quote As the benefits of E-learning are realized, it is fast becoming the norm in business and is offered by more and more organizations. E-learning is an easy and qualitative way to develop a new skill or enhance an old one. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) July 25, 2007 - Missing work to attend a training session is becoming outdated now that the Internet is cultivating a new way to learn on your own time. It is E-Learning, a training method that works with your busy schedule, budget and skill level. Here are some of the benefits of online training compared to that crowded classroom.

    There are no geographic barriers with E-learning. You don’t have to take the course offered by your local college; you can choose from thousands of courses in your subject area from providers all over the world. Instruction is delivered in multiple learning styles allowing you to choose the one course that’s right for you.

    E-learning courses adhere to your schedule, not the learning provider’s. You can do your learning at home, at work, in the coffee house, or anywhere else the internet is available. Often, course materials can even be downloaded and printed for offline study. You can spend less time on areas you already know well, and as much as you need to on material that is new to you.

    Costs can quickly mount up when attending classes. Aside from the inevitable cost of the course itself, there are the often forgotten costs of travel – fuel, vehicle maintenance, and even parking all add to your overhead. Not to mention that important call you missed by being at the college instead of in the office.

    Interactivity in E-learning takes many forms. There may be a multiple-choice test at the end of each topic, quizzes scattered through the subject matter, or an overall test at the end. Whichever form taken, these dynamic quizzes provide you with instant feedback, so you are aware of which areas you know well, and which you may need to review again. And with most E-Learning, there is no need to retake the whole course – just redo the area you were weakest on, retake the test, and move on – confident in your knowledge of the subject matter.

    E-learning allows you to choose topics of interest to you. Studies show that students have a higher retention of material when the subject is of greater interest.

    You can make mistakes and try again with E-learning. You decide where the error was and how to correct it. If you are wrong again, you just try again. The embarrassment of failure in front of a group is gone. The computer won’t judge you.

    Courses are constantly being updated and changed in real time. This helps you to acquire the most accurate information on any given subject.

    Have you ever walked around a university campus and seen the hundreds of cars in the car park, and thousands of students from all over the world? Imagine if they could all just stay home and learn. They could – but who would deny young people the fun of college life. You, however, can save yourself the petrol, diesel or jet fuel costs and associated carbon emissions by getting yourself a quality education while sitting at your desk - or lounging on your sofa!

    Given its oblivious advantages and societies need to continually educate ourselves; E-Learning has a lot to offer and will increasingly be embraced by educators and learners alike.

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