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  • Liana V. Pedroso
  • 892 US Highway 22, Somerville, NJ
  • Phone: 5512028008
  • URL:
  • Giftapart is simply the best place on Earth for gifting. And shopping. It%u2019s an all-encompassing place for people and retailers to come together and be part of one community. Reach, engage and sell to Gen Z%u2019ers & Millennial shoppers! The first truly retailer-friendly ecommerce marketplace, Giftapart provides an industry-first higher margin sales platform (really), gives retailers tools to directly notify users of promotions (right in their calendars), doesn%u2019t allow third-party sellers (no counterfeit and margin gouging scoundrels), gives retailers control, protects retailers%u2019 brands, and provides the world%u2019s fairest ecommerce environment.
Giftapart Press Release -

  • Giftapart Android & iOS apps released in beta
  • Get an early peek at the Giftapart app First in the world to allow users to get gifts in the order they want, revolutionizing social ecommerce, full featured event planner, shop from hundreds of trusted stores, and so much more.
  • September 05, 2019