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Gallery Le Snoot Information
  • Justin Wilder
  • 6 East State Street, Savannah, GA
  • Phone: 9123737555
  • URL: http://www.lesnoot.com
  • Nestled in a prime location in historic downtown Savannah, Porkfellow Studio and
    Gallery Le Snoot are dedicated to the creation and exhibition of high-quality art and

    Run by a collective at the forefront of the art world, our studio and gallery has
    the expertise, energy, and equipment to help you achieve your goal for any project
    you have in mind.

    Our studio downstairs handles archival-quality reproductions in any size, while the
    area upstairs functions as a retail space during the day, offering the best of
    in-house design, and as a free gallery space for nights and weekends.

    Stop on by and treat yourself to an artistic experience unlike any other!
Gallery Le Snoot Press Release -


  • Gallery Le Snoot's "Big Bad Print And Poster Show"
  • Expand your mind and your canvas, because this is going to be BIG.
  • On February 22nd, Gallery Le Snoot will host 'The Big Bad Print and Poster Show,' a large-format art exhibition featuring prime local and internationa ...
  • February 19, 2013