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Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc. Press Release -


  • Future Problem Solving IC 2019 Topic is De-Extinction
  • Student competition featuring critical and creative thinking skills on the topic of De-Extinction will be on display on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus June 5-9, 2019.
  • Future Problem Solving’s International Conference at University of Massachusetts Amherst will host over 2,200 problem solvers from around the globe du ...
  • March 02, 2019
  • Future Problem Solving Program International announces "Energy of the Future" as the 2016 International Conference Topic
  • Approximately 2,000 students from around the globe will participate at Future Problem Solving Program's International Conference at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, June 1-5. These students have earned a coveted invitation to the conference by displaying expertise in the creative problem solving process and futuristic thinking through preliminary competitions.
  • Global Issues Problem Solving and Scenario competitors will arrive equipped to tackle potential energy problems set 20-30 years into the future. Thes ...
  • March 01, 2016