Freshloc Temperature Monitoring for Large School Districts Featured at the SNA Exhibition in Dallas

Top Quote Temperature Monitoring System for large school districts featured at the School Nutrition Association Exhibition- feature set and new price structure meet specific needs for reliability, flexibility, ease of use and cost for large school districts. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 10, 2010 - Woodland Hills, CA - Green Edge Systems, a leader in technology solutions for K-12 school food services presented the Freshloc HACCP Temperature Monitoring Solution for large school districts at the ANC-2010 School Nutrition Association SNA Exhibition in Dallas.

    The Freshloc Temperature Monitoring System for large school districts featured at the Dallas exhibition meets specific needs of large school districts for feature set and price.

    Visitors at the exhibition where able to get a live demonstration of this feature set.

    The list of features is rather long, however, every feature is important and makes the difference between just another temperature monitoring system and one that meets the needs of large school districts for a reliable, flexible to use and cost effective system.

    Highlights of the Freshloc Temperature Monitoring System for large school districts:

    * It is a web based temperature monitoring system available from everywhere; from within the school district, from home and from the road and on smart phones.

    * Unlike most systems in the market, requiring a user to go to a computer at the campus in order to review problems, acknowledge alerts and stop escalating alerts, FreshLoc's system is available 24/7 from any Internet.

    * No need for a specialist to operate the system, no need to have a PC at the monitored kitchen, no software or servers on site and no software configuration and support needed, With FreshLoc, the software is constantly and automatically upgraded to the latest software version. With Freshloc one never has to update software and stay with the same software version for years as done by similar systems in the industry.

    * All the important data is constantly automatically updated and presented on the dashboard, and in particular, any active alert and information that needs immediate attention is displayed and can be review in detail through a single click. This data is available 24/7 from any location, in the convenience of the home, work, and while on vacation and on the road.

    * Various ways to view the monitored equipment on the dashboard -
    customized view, all monitored equipment per district, all monitored equipment per school, all monitored equipment per equipment type, all monitored equipment per supervisor, any combination of the above, 24 hourly readings of any group of equipment, and more.

    * FreshLoc has temperature monitoring and web services experience of over 10 years; More than 7 Million readings are handled by FreshLoc per day throughout the United States. Visit FreshLoc's monitoring center (and its competitors' centers) before making your decision which temperature monitoring company to select.

    * 60% less false alerts then competitive systems in the market ; The Freshloc sensors read temperature every 1-2 minutes and alters are typically sent out by the system after more then 30 consecutive out of range readings vs. an alert sent after about 3 readings in competitive systems that read on the average temperatures every 15 minutes .

    * The Fresloc sensors are small with a commercially available replaceable battery; Batteries have an estimated 5-7 year lifetime and installed inside the fridge in most installations (no drilling or going through seals, avoiding running cables inside or outside refrigeration units and voiding equipment warranties).

    * 24/7 friendly support center that also helps to immediately generate requested configuration changes and settings.

    * No need for power backup - with FreshLoc, sensors serve as back-up devices. The system continues logging temperatures when the network is down or on power outages. Temperature readings are stored for at least 83 hours, thus ensuring that no temperature measurement is lost

    * When someone receives a FreshLoc alert, they are only one click away from a full report on the failure, graph of temperatures for the last day and week, summary of malfunctions of the failed equipment, hourly temperature readings and more, to help determine what needs to be done in order to resolve the problem.

    * In order to acknowledge an alert - one simply replies to the received alert's message. No need to travel to the office or even log into the system to acknowledge an alert or update its status. This unique Freshloc feature avoids unnecessary escalation of alters to multiple persons in the district.

    * The FreshLoc temperature monitoring system is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for keeping Electronic records.

    * Sensors can be grouped in different ways for easy bulk configuration and bulk alert management.

    * The FreshLoc system provides the possibility to program alerts recipients and delay times for alerts per day of the week and hour of day for each sensor separately, per group of sensors or all sensors.
    Separate alter threshold possible for each monitored equipment for the delay before alter, alter recipients and escalation recipients. The FreshLoc system provides the possibility to program alerts recipients and delay times for alerts per sensor or per group of sensors per day of the week and hour of day.

    * The same FreshLoc system provides a simple low cost solution to monitor the final rinse temperature in dish washers, food carts and food service trucks that include temperatures and location of the trucks.

    * Freshloc can read ambient or food temperatures. Many schools still rely on manual recording of temperatures in refrigerators and freezers, hence always record air temperature, same as done by other automatic temperature monitoring systems available in the market.

    * FreshLoc has the most advanced reporting system in the industry. One can schedule any report automatically to any recipient that can get it daily, weekly, monthly or at any other interval or whenever needed from the systems. It can show readings every hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, etc. Reports provide full details of alerts, corrective actions and statistical data of problems occurred during the reporting period. Freshloc also provides an automatic daily status report on the systems operation for the food service management.

    *50% less equipment failures through the advance failure alert feature - Integrated system monitoring failures per equipment monitored. The Freshloc system constantly analyses how often equipment malfunctions, and constantly provides alerts with suggestions for preventive maintenance for equipment that is about to fail.

    * The system provides a daily managers' report that summarizes the status of the system, daily summary of alert activity and equipment needing repair or special attention.

    To set up a meeting and demonstration and for product and price information, visit us at one of the upcoming events or contact Green Edge Systems, Inc. at 818-825-8167, Tommy.Orpaz ( @ ) greenedgesystems dot com dot

    Contact information:

    Tommy Orpaz
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    Green Edge Systems, Inc., is a trusted leader of technology solutions for k-12 School food services that include the Freshloc HACCP temperature monitoring solutions , the K-12 Epicure Digital Menu Boards and the PAR Tech iQuality Sure Check hand-held PDA Inspection Systems

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