Fotor's imminent release includes new Focus feature

Top Quote Fotor, an already well established digital photo editor has officially released new version for both Android and iOS, this time supporting a unique 'Focus' feature, further empowering the amateur photographer and professional alike. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 16, 2015 - Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.CHINA - For a software platform to remain ahead of the pack, dedication to growth, development and adaptation is the foundation upon which a successful release is built. With a following exceeding 100 million dedicated users, a user base spanning every continent and a dedicated international development team, it's no wonder Fotor has remained on the cutting edge of its field, and with the release of an exclusive new features, it's place at the forefront is secured.

    What is the new 'Focus' feature?
    Anyone familiar with Fotor's mobile editing suite would be well versed in using the 'Tilt-Shift' effect, allowing the mobile user access to effects usually reserved for the professional photographer. This effect allowed the deliberate blurring of the photo to create a classic high definition photo finish. The new 'Focus' feature takes this to the next level, by incorporating 'true' photographic emulation, a unique effect painstakingly developed through a lengthy trial-and-error process. "While many apps have a 'tilt-shift', or blurring feature, our app is one of the first to utilize a lens emulator for that perfect finish" says lead developer David Wang, "It's just one of the many features we have designed to keep Fotor on the cutting edge".

    What about other features in this new version?
    Previous versions of Fotor contained some very special effects, features and advanced forms of digital image adjustment, and this version is no different. Creating its own unique place in the market during early 2014 with the installment of the 'Curve' effect; a special feature altering the light-saturation and direction of a digital photo, as well as the one-tap 'Enhance' function, based on Fotor's world-leading HDR algorithm, the new version of Fotor will retain its plethora of great features, while adding a few others on top. An effects package to be released with the new version will allow the user the use of 'Disposable', 'Greyscale' and 'Solar' filters, giving existing photos a 'polaroidesque' finish.

    But if these developments were not enough, the new version of Fotor now supports a streamlined ability for users to display and share their images through every popular social networking platform. Reaching over a million 'likes' on Facebook has only fueled Fotor's drive to become not only the most technologically advanced digital image editor, but also the most popular. Fotor's success with Facebook is evident, with a massive, exponentially growing community, destined only to continue its growth with a recent integration into Facebook's 'messenger'. However, there are also other social networks bearing witness to Fotor's success. The largest social networking medium, based on number of users, is China's QQ and Wechat network, which is also now working with Fotor in a similar fashion to Facebook, allowing both Android and iOS user to not only bridge a gap between platforms, but between cultures as well.

    With a focus on increasingly powerful features, born from technological developments in the field of image processing, as well as a 'down to earth' user friendly UI and the support of a rapidly growing international user base, it is irrefutable these new additions are just 'stepping stones' in Fotor's rapid development. For the average user however, these 'stepping stones', represent greater digital imaging power in a familiar, slick package.

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