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  • Room 1501, Grand Millennium Plaza (Lower Block) 181 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong
  • Phone: 02061972665
  • URL: https://fliphtml5.com/
  • About FlipHTML5
    FlipHTML5 is a technology company that specializes in developing digital publishing software for users worldwide. It helps users from different industries achieve their digital publishing goals, such as Education, Technology, Real Estate, etc.
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  • The Magazine Software FlipHTML5 Makes Magazines Come Alive with Multimedia
  • To make magazines come alive, FlipHTML5 the magazine software digitalizes and visualizes print magazines with tremendous multimedia. Online magazines created with FlipHMTL5 can be viewed on various devices and shared limitlessly.
  • FlipHTML5, the magazine software (https://fliphtml5.com/learning-center/top-8-e-magazine-software-for-publishing-online-magazines/?utm_source=1888pres ...
  • August 06, 2020
  • FlipHTML5 Launches a Versatile Distance Teaching Tool Amid COVID-19
  • As classes around the world at all age groups remain at risk of closing down, FlipHTML5 has announced the launch of an accessible distance teaching tool to help teachers meet the challenge of online education.
  • With COVID-19 bringing huge disruption to education, distance teaching has never been more important. Nationwide school closures have occurred in most ...
  • August 01, 2020
  • FlipHTML5's Virtual Magazine Is Set to Renovate Magazine Reading
  • FlipHTML5 has been working on a new form of magazine reading that is more accessible than ever. Readers can access to the virtual magazines whenever they feel like to read.
  • To make reading accessible anywhere and anytime, FlipHTML5’s virtual magazines (https://fliphtml5.com/learning-center/top-virtual-magazine-software-fo ...
  • July 30, 2020