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  • Etatvasoft
  • 420-424, Satyam Mall, Nr. Vishweshwar Mahadev, Satellite
  • Phone: 91-79-40038222
  • URL: http://www.iflexweb.us
  • iFlexweb is a Flex Development Company that offers specialized Rich Internet Application development services. The company provides full cycle development services for flex application development and integration using Adobe Flex.
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  • Flex Developer at iFlexweb Explains Why Flex Development for the physically Challenged
  • While developing a Flex application for the audience it is important that the Flex developer should consider the physically disabled. A few reasons why a Flex developer should do so have been disclosed by a developer at iFlexweb.
  • Web accessibility for Flex development has been cardinal since years but still very few Flex developers understand this or create Flex application whi ...
  • July 20, 2010