FitBark Inc. Releases "Pawsome" Tiny Dog Activity Tracker and iOS/Android App through Kickstarter

Top Quote Dog owners always wonder if they are doing their best to make sure that their dogs are happy and healthy. FitBark is a new way to know for sure. It's time to take charge of dog parenting once and for all, and while owners can't give their dogs smartphones for frequent check-ins, they can now give them FitBark. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 16, 2013 - New York - FitBark Inc., a young startup out of New York City, just released the super tiny FitBark dog activity tracker on Kickstarter. They are hoping to reach a funding goal of $100,000 to support further production, and have already received backing through pre-orders from many dog lovers from across the United States and abroad. While devoted pet parents and first-time dog owners are the product's main target audience, the device also benefits doggy daycares, veterinarians, dog walkers, dog rescues, and many more in the pet community. FitBark can be described as "Dog Parenting 2.0," with a mission to allow dog owners to feel more connected as responsible pet parents, while raising happy and healthy pups.

    FitBark is a tiny, stylish, dog bone-shaped device that attaches to a dog's collar and records their physical activity 24/7. When the dog comes within range of their owner's Bluetooth enabled smartphone or the FitBark home base (similar to a router), the information is uploaded to the FitBark system in real time, and is viewable in the FitBark mobile app. The data is used to calculate the BarkScore - the number that tells you how consistently a dog has been meeting his daily goal and how well the owners are doing as dog parents. Owners can view data days in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly summaries, allowing caretakers to work as a team and take action as necessary. How doggone great is that? The app will be available for iOS and Android users this fall.

    So, no more asking: Am I a good dog parent? How is my dog doing right now? Did my dog walker REALLY walk him, or is he lying about it? I'm a first time dog owner, how much should he exercise? What is he doing while I'm not home? Sleeping? Eating the couch? Eating my shower curtain?! What do I say when the vet asks about his energy level? The dog days are over. Pet owners will no longer let these questions run their lives.

    The team behind FitBark shares a background in hardware, software, consumer products, and most importantly, the love of dogs. "The inspiration for FitBark really stemmed from a family experience," said Davide Rossi, FitBark Inc. co-founder and MIT graduate. "My sister Sara and I wanted to make sure that our dog, Freud was really getting walked while in our dad's care." There are no bones about it, while FitBark was originally created for a single use it has quickly turned into a comprehensive platform that is fun and easy to use. Big dog data at your fingertips!

    Manhattan resident and FitBark user, Maureen thinks staying connected is what it is all about. "During the week I am at my office 8-10 hours a day. With FitBark, whenever I'm thinking about my dog, I can open up the app and check on Daysie at any time."

    FitBark is the next "pawsome" dog product making dog parent's lives easier. In the United States alone, there are more than 44 million households that have at least one dog. With the explosion of human fitness tracking devices hitting the market, one could only expect that these pet owners would want the ability to track similar health information for their four-legged friends. Accessible, interactive and responsible, FitBark is "Quantified Woof!"

    FitBark is available through Kickstarter, and pledge levels range from $1 to $10,000, with different incentives for each level, including a day with Beefy, the skateboarding bulldog and a personalized pet video with Oscar-nominated director, Tim Reckart. Pre-orders will continue throughout the Kickstarter campaign, which ends on Friday, May 31. Visit the campaign at
    Live. Love. Wag.

    Team FitBark is a diverse bunch of folks who cannot stay away from dogs & tech to save their lives. The pack is based in NYC and started the company in 2012. They can often be found in various NYC dog parks with their four-legged friends. With experiences ranging from MIT, to founding a dog-dating website called "MatchPuppy," to designing Ferrari engines and accessories for dogs, this team knows technology and consumer products. They share a passion for hardware, software, technology, and most importantly, a love for dogs. Their main mission is to allow dog owners to feel better connected as responsible pet parents, while raising healthy and happy pups.

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