Fiddle Students Receive Positive Encouragement From Fiddleplay Teacher Roland White While Learning Fiddle Tunes, Tips and Techniques in Bend's Central Oregon

Top Quote Positive comments come from Fiddle Students when it comes to their learning experience with Fiddle Teacher Roland White of Fiddleplay, Reports Dolphin Graphics and Music, Bend Oregon. End Quote
    QuoteRoland's enthusiasm for teaching and love of the music are infectious. I am having more fun fiddling than I have had for the last 15 yearsQuote
  • (1888PressRelease) January 30, 2010 - The Fiddle or Violin can scare even the most eager students at the first touch of bow to strings when the unmistakable screeching howl of dissonance is first heard. On first glance the unique instrument looks familiar to most everyone, but upon close inspection unlike all other string instruments it has no frets, is played with a bow and is difficult to hold under the chin while wanting to spring loose from your grasp like a slippery fish.

    While all of the above is true the Fiddle has a mysteriously magnetic appeal for some musicians and though the basics take some time the goal of playing melodic fiddle tunes from music of the ages can be overcome with practice and dedication to the folk process of learning music by rote. In fact teaching music by ear is the way fiddle music has been passed on for hundreds of years. This may be one of the biggest differences between Fiddle Music versus Violin Music in that Fiddle music is learned by rote, and Violin music is learned by note.

    Roland White Fiddle Teacher endeavors to make this difficult instrument a fun learning process by teaching catchy fiddle tunes and techniques to learn and improve, tone, rhythm and bowing while adding new tunes to the students repertoire. He accomplices this by his positive learning style that is tailored to the students playing ability and their goals in developing their playing skills. He provides personalized followup lesson notes, and makes custom learning CD's so the students can practice with the music on their own.

    As one student remarks: "I hope that you keep acquiring students; your greatest strength as a teacher is how you steer your student to play musically". "I've taken a lot of music lessons in my life, and most of it has been focused on producing a sequence of notes in a certain way, which I now realize has more to do with learning a trade than learning how to make music".

    Another student comments; "In trying to learn a new instrument in mid life, I went to Roland for his understanding of the music, but also for his ability to teach this old dog new tricks. He quickly recognizes the problems I am having and offers efficient solutions that make practicing much more effective and rewarding". "Roland's enthusiasm for teaching and love of the music are infectious. I am having more fun now fiddling around with Roland than I have had playing music for the last 15 years".

    Roland White strives to provide answers to students questions by providing musical research on techniques, history and sources for music. A student with 2-3 years playing experiences quotes;
    "I feel like I've been improving my tone through practicing some of the tips that I've learned in my lessons with Roland". " I really appreciate the flexibility that he offers since I'm always full of questions about many different aspects of fiddle-playing. He always take the the time to patiently answer my questions and find ways for me to practice the areas I want to improve in such as tone, double-stops, Celtic flair's and advanced positions".

    Roland White comments about his Teaching Style: " I believe in the concept that, An Ounce of Encouragement is worth a Pound of Cure". " I focus on enriching your musical journey and making it a positive experience playing the Fiddle or Mandolin for whatever type of player you are. All students are encouraged to improve techniques such as right and left hand, bowing, picking, intonation and phrasing. If you are just learning an instrument I can get you started. If you have some experience then I can focus on your immediate concerns. Learning tunes is always fun and since I know over 500 of them at last count, it is always fun to teach new tunes while improving your old favorites".

    Roland offers his one hour individual lessons for $35 or his popular 4 lesson series which is $120 prepaid. He can travel to the students location or accept students at his teaching studio. For information he can be contacted at 541-647-4789.

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