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  • Kimberly Racic
  • Phone: 385994686999
  • URL: http://www.FertilityFlower.com
  • 46% of American women aged 18-35 worry about infertility. If pregnancy doesn't happen quickly, they fear the worst. Often, infertility is not the problem - timing is.

    We give our customers Google Analytics for their fertility.

    Our product taps into humans' primal drive to procreate and works to remove the blockages that thwart them - whether real or imagined. FertilityFlower provides women with a %u02DDgorgeous and smart%u02DD platform to determine the right time of the month for baby-making.
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  • Unique Family-Building Technology Chosen for Seedcamp
  • Seedcamp, Europe's leading start-up accelerator chooses FertilityFlower.com as a finalist for its Seedcamp Zagreb competition.
  • FertilityFlower.com will present their project to premier European start-up accelerator, Seedcamp, on June 12th in Zagreb. The early stage mentoring a ...
  • June 08, 2012