FAAIF CEO Camille Paldi Promotes FAAIF Worldwide

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  • (1888PressRelease) December 24, 2014 - Dubai, UAE - Camille Paldi, FAAIF CEO, is promoting her new Islamic finance business FAAIF or the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance around the world. Paldi recently showcased her new company in the USA, London, Spain, Korea, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. Paldi says FAAIF is now offering exciting services in Islamic Banking and Finance, Takaful (Islamic Insurance), Microfinance for Westerners in impoverished areas, Islamic Finance Law and Legal Assistance, and Assisting Banks with Setting up Islamic Windows. Paldi says that a unique angle for FAAIF is that FAAIF also assists Law Firms with setting up Islamic Finance Legal practices and trains lawyers on how to participate in this emerging lucrative industry.

    Paldi also states that FAAIF takes a traditional approach with Islamic finance in promoting green sukuk, Shariáh compliant project finance, and financing methods, which preserve and maintain the environment. Basically, FAAIF aims to facilitate companies, law firms, and banks in the Non-Muslim world and give them the necessary equipment, skills, and training to compete in the global billion dollar Islamic finance industry while preserving the main tenets of the Shariah. Paldi says this may increase the competitive of non-Muslim nations in the global economy and help raise money for businesses and government.

    Camille Paldi is a Western Muslim and US Citizen, having trained in Islamic Banking and Finance and Law around the world on five continents for over ten years. She is currently the only Western person in the world to have reached such a high level of skill and competency in the highly technical and sophisticated topic of Islamic Banking and Finance. Paldi says that she is already highly respected around the world for her unique and special knowledge of Islamic finance of which very few people in the world possess. Paldi also adds that she is shocked and totally embarrassed on behalf of Western police and military personnel in the way that she is being treated by much less educated and accomplished police and military personnel and cannot believe it when she sees her fellow countrymen in the US military special operations units pursuing her aggressively as if she is a notorious international villain and notifying everyone in the world that she is "dangerous.'' Paldi says she is a highly educated US Citizen, lawyer, and finance professional with years of international travel and experience behind her and that she is in fact more qualified than any world leader and more educated than a majority of the planet. Therefore, Paldi is absolutely astounded at the police and military personnel around the world blatantly breaking the law to harass her with the only purpose of interfering with her new business FAAIF.

    Paldi wants to remind her fellow Westerners that it is increasingly important to remember the fundamental freedoms guaranteed in Western societies including the freedom of contract, gender equality, and freedom of religion as authorities world wild are trying to trick Western people out of their freedoms and oppress them under the guise of various tactics including legislation and movements, which have the appearance of trying to protect them. Paldi wants to remind the West of the civil rights guaranteed to each citizen under Western constitutions and emphasizes that the police and military are meant to be a source of protection and not endangerment for the average citizen, the latter of which is the increasing trend on the planet.

    Camille Paldi says she has not broken a single law or committed any crime and that in fact the police and military personnel are committing many crimes against her including assault, battery, intimidation, stalking, harassment, defamation, kidnapping, slander, endangerment, bullying, and many other crimes. Paldi says jealousy is the main factor for her mistreatment by scores of males who are trying to intimidate and control her in a jealous frenzy and display of illegal male abuse of power, force, and testosterone.

    Camille Paldi calls on her fellow colleagues to support her in the face of this massive injustice and take a stand for justice in a world filled with increasing abuse of power, violence against women, deterioration of rights for the masses, and hatred of anything different. Camille Paldi says that the majority of Westerners are in fact highly interested in Islamic Finance, despite the militarized minority who condemn and attack anything Islamic for apparently little or no reason other than brainwashing. Camille Paldi says that in fact the whole world is going to love her and that she is in fact a very valuable asset to her country the United States and the world economy and should be respected accordingly. Camille Paldi can be reached at camille ( @ ) faaif dot com dot

    FAAIF Limited is a legal and management consultancy firm servicing clients in Islamic banking, finance, and takaful. FAAIF Events is an events production and management company http://www.faaif.com.

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