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  • 07885499416
  • URL: http://www.fa-vo.com
  • FA VO is a brand of high quality design products with a concept that focuses essentially on the use of environmentally sustainable materials throughout the entire creative process.

    The name FA VO was born from a parallelism with the word 'favo', a Portuguese word meaning 'honeycomb'. We looked for a name that has a connection with natural geometric phenomenons and modular features, and at the same time is related to the creation of high quality content. In all our products we seek that this concept is always associated with the principles of functionality, simplicity and elegance to reflect the values of FA VO brand.
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  • FA VO Notebooks on Kickstarter
  • FA VO Notebooks on Kickstarter. Introducing a Dotted versions for our notebooks.
  • We'd like to share with you our Kickstarter Project that I hope will be of your interest. We had a blank/ruled versions and we're now looking to intro ...
  • October 13, 2017