EVIL IS, AS EVIL DOES by Dennis Burnier-Smith is published by New Generation Publishing

Top Quote A gritty and gripping tale of sexual assault, murder and revenge based in Manchester, England. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 29, 2015 - About the Book:
    David Steinberg is a young Jewish businessman. Whilst intoxicated, he falls for the feminine wiles of a seemingly beautiful, sexy young woman and is led into the hands of his attackers, carried away to a quiet riverside location where he is brutally sexually attacked and left for dead.

    The perpetrators are tree gay men, the leader of whom is a huge body-building sadist, the second of the trio is a long-haired hippy-type with vampire like teeth and a blood lust for which he employs his canine teeth, and the third is a slightly-built cross-dresser born into the wrong body.

    David manages to escape his makeshift tomb and make his way home. Over the next few weeks, he plots his revenge before setting forth on his quest to send his attackers, one-by-one, to a bloody and violent end, each by a different method, but his sanity falls victim to his revenge.

    DCI Jake Shreiver and his partner DC Bill Williams have been on the case since the first of the threesome's victims disappeared and are determined to bring the killers to justice. However, a new series of killing forces them to look at things differently.

    About the Author:
    Dennis Burnier-Smith is a Manchester-based author who also writes under the pseudonym of Laurie Driver. He has five books to his credit. Three of these are a trilogy under the Laurie Driver pseudonym including "Laurie Driver - The Early Years, "This Truckin' Life" and "The Railway Years." All three books are anecdotal pieces concerning the life of a fictitious truck driver and are partly autobiographical.

    He has also written a biography of Doctor Barnado entitled: "Thomas John Barnardo: His life, Homes and Orphanages - A Short History."

    Dennis spent most of his life in the borough of Blackley in Manchester and worked as a long distance LGV Driver for numerous and varied transport companies within Manchester. He started writing after the effects of an industrial accident meant he could no longer follow his chosen career.

    Excerpt from the book:
    "Devoid of his leather trousers, the big man stood up on hairy, goat like legs with cloven hooves and boasting a massive penis arched upwards like a Satyr. His coccyx had sprouted a long tail which he held in front in his right hand. The once green-black eyes had turned red and glowed sinfully. At the cleft hooves of the satanic monster lay a naked body, face down with bloody bite marks on the shoulders and blood seeping from its rectum.

    Extricating his legs from the tangled bed linen the sweat covered man swung them over the rim of the bed. Sat on the edge of the mattress, he started to shiver as the perspiration cooled on his body and salty tears ran down his cheeks. Every time he closed his eyes, the nightmarish images confronted him. Will they ever go? I have to cleanse my mind, eradicate the cause. I have to get rid of them. Vengeance will be mine."

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