EquityMatch.co started the ‘Weekly Pitch Events’ for 2023

Top Quote 'Weekly Pitch Events' by EquityMatch.co is an event that introduces revolutionary startups and gives them the platform to present their business to high-potential investors. Those who are interested to pitch and learn more can join with EquityMatch.co in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via LinkedIn and YouTube. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 08, 2023 - EquityMatch.co started the new year with a brand-new episode of ‘Weekly Pitch Events’ with the introduction of 3 new business founders. In 2022 the ‘Weekly Pitch Events’ had the opportunity to profile over 35,000 investors who were able to support 316 start-ups on the platform. Conduct 10 five-side panel discussions and successfully complete more than 15 online pitch events. 2023 comes with new and exciting plans EquityMatch.co.

    Weekly Pitch Events is an online broadcast that introduces revolutionary startups and gives them the platform to present their business to high-potential investors. Those who consider themselves to be knowledge-seekers and are interested to learn more can join with EquityMatch.co. To know more, tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

    Like last year, EquityMatch.co was once again ready to introduce new founders. We have selected 3 candidates to pitch to an audience of seasoned investors from across the world. Our host - was the renown Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of “EquityMatch.co” and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. In addition to serving as CEO, he has also worked as a venture capitalist, business owner, and merchant banker. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors, he has advised companies on deals worth more than €100 million and fundraising efforts totaling more than €50 million.

    Before starting the session, our host Max thanked the funders and investors, emphasizing how EquityMatch.co will continue in its endeavor to support start-ups and funders in the way it always has while looking at avenues to strengthen that relationship.

    Pitching in first, was Giacomo Perazzo. Giacomo began by introducing himself as the founder of his startup PickEat (profile). Aged 24, from Italy, Giacomo graduated in Maritime Economics

    From University de Genova, and will be graduating in Management this year. Giacomo also shared his early achievements, which included winning the Samsung Aviation Camp in 2019.

    PickEat is an app that allows its users to reserve a table, pre-order, and pre-pay their lunch, saving up to 25 minutes of their time. “It enables people to reconquer traditionally lost time by utilizing a pre-order and pre-payment system” explained Giacomo. After the user selects a restaurant in the morning, there’s a choice between a lunch and an a la carte menu, users can also invite their friends/colleagues to their cart and split the bill. Users can pay either by credit card or restaurant ticket. “You will be served within five minutes from your time of arrival”, stated Giacomo. The lunch break market in Europe is valued at 252 billion Euros with Italy ranking at 36 billion Euros. PickEat is in the market by forming key partnerships with companies. PickEat makes revenue in three ways – fees from the pre-order and restaurant reservation, percentage fee on the takeaway bills, and subscriptions. 82% of restaurants have listed with PickEats, there’s a 43% conversion rate via QR codes, and over 1000 app downloads. PickEat has recently signed an agreement to provide service to the 12,000 employees of Milano Serravalle as well.

    Our second founder was Simon Ioannides. Simon is a published writer and a software developer from Greece, who was inspired to create the app Rovespier (profile) – a platform that allows people to express their creative tendencies through video, audio, text, and photos. Simon began the pitch by highlighting that many end up using the wrong media platform to promote their creative talent. Rovespier offers interactive entertainment through social media platforms. When enquired about the work that went into bringing Rovespier to life, Simon explained, that a lot of work went into combining all types of media into one app. “we're looking for not just an investor but a strategic partner one that will have the connections and you know to take us to the next level”. Rovespier currently has 5000 users.

    Another question that was asked by our host Max, is how is Rovespier getting ready to tackle the problem of moderating any harmful content. Simon explained that it is an issue that he is tackling currently with the help of his team, to ensure that no harmful content is being published. In terms of market, Rovespier is currently experiencing higher popularity in the region of Asia – including India and Pakistan. As a final question, Simon was enquired about where he would focus the money, he receives from investment to which Simon replied “70% of the investment will be focused on human resources and 20% on marketing”.

    Our final founder for the session was Gianandrea Siccardi, who began his pitch with a self-introduction. Apart from being the CEO and founder of his startup, WaitHero (profile), he has also completed his Master’s in Finance and has experience working in real estate.

    WaitHero, as Gianandrea described it, is a company that wants to provide superpowers to your restaurants. This startup is active in both Italy and UK, and it is financed by SFC capital and by the British Business Bank. The problem Gianandrea is hoping to solve is, food and beverage companies struggle to extract value from users’ food information. There’s a gold mine of data on consumer eating habits, and when used properly can benefit the customer as well as the food supply chain.

    WaitHero is developing the first Order & Pay solution fully integrated with AI. “Our mission is to make digital menus dynamic according to the day, the time, but especially according to each user's food preferences” shared Gianandrea. It’s similar to having a server who specifically understands you and caters to your personal food preferences. This will be made possible by micro-targeting the user based on their meal choices, restaurant promotions, and supplier sponsor demands. In terms of traction, WaitHero has reached almost 2 million Euros of GMV while generating a turnover of approximately a quarter of a million and getting roughly 30,000 users on the database. Gianandrea also added, “We are integrating with payment systems, cash registers, suppliers, third-party services, and delivery systems”. The revenue sources for WaitHero will come from user orders, bill payments, delivery, and advertising. The pitch concluded with Gianandrea explaining the importance of investment “I want to grow as fast as possible. I'm trying to raise money in order to grow as soon as possible and to defend my algorithm before someone can replicate it in a better way with bigger resources”.

    Before concluding the session, Max, our host, laid out the final question for each pitcher “Why should anyone invest in your business?”

    Going back to Giacomo (PickEat) who responded “You are not only investing in an idea but you are investing in a team that has a vision, a dream of no more waiting times during our lunchbreak every day and anywhere”

    Simon (Rovespier) responded “people are using their mobile devices more and more every day, people should be more entertained through words. Read don't listen.”

    Gianandrea (WaitHero) answered, “I work day and night in order to become the dominant company in this field I do not even get a salary for it because I trust in the project too much in order to get a salary.”

    With that, the episode came to an end, but not without successfully completing the task of offering participants critical information on emerging startups. The course involves free membership to EquityMatch.co, which gives participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them in touch with investors directly.

    For more details on upcoming sessions and events, go to www.equitymatch.co and EquityMatch.co social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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