EquityMatch.co's Latest WPE Episode Shakes Up the Pitching Game

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  • (1888PressRelease) May 01, 2023 - EquityMatch.co kickstarted the first episode of Weekly Pitch Events (WPEs) for March a little different from usual. While it continues to provide a platform for carefully selected business founders who were eager to showcase their pitches, this session the WPEs also invited a special guest.

    If you're an avid learner and want to join EquityMatch.co, be sure to tune in every Tuesday from 5.00 pm to 7.00 p.m. GMT via Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to catch the full episode and insightful discussions. Let's now proceed to delve into the details.

    Not forgetting our host for the evening - Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, who is the founder of “EquityMatch.co” as well as the Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory. While serving as CEO, Max has also worked as a venture capitalist, a business owner, and a merchant banker. In the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors. His advice has been sought for deals exceeding €100 million and fundraising efforts amounting to over €50 million for various companies.

    The special guest in question was Alex Felman, a venture investor and General Partner at Felman Family Office. He has a seasoned entrepreneur who has worked in high-tech industries and has experience as a startup advisor and board member as well. Throughout the episode, Alex joined our host to ask different questions from each founder.

    The first founder to start off the session was Demian Voorhagen, who is the Founder of DemaTrading.AI. He has an academic background in Management, Economics, and Law, as well as a master's degree in AI.

    Demian began with an issue he continued to observe when it comes to the knowledge lot of people have on Crypto investment – Many who buy cryptocurrency exchanges can miss up to 90% of their revenue potential because they don’t fully comprehend it. By offering a plug-and-play solution infrastructure DemaTrading.AI enables crypto exchanges & asset managers to offer managed index funds to their clients resulting in improved profitability, safety, and simplicity. “Our index solutions help exchangers to realize higher recurring revenue, we offer portfolios to the exchangers, who offer it to their investors” Demian stated. The portfolios are up-to-date, rebalancing the growth difference monthly, so there’s a much more stable revenue flow. As for revenue, DemaTrading.AI charges a management fee minimum of 0.1% a month and a trading fee based on trading volume. Over the next few quatres, Demian’s looking to build a liquidity model and then a Price execution market. Finally, Demian also added, “There’s potential, there will be more legislation allowing more institutional firms to enter the market, it can help become key growth.”

    The next pitch was from Nikolai Stevens, whom the viewers of the last WPE will be familiar with. Nikolai has a background in Business Engineering, he founded his first elderly residence in 2013, and he is the Founder and CEO of WATCHERR.

    WATCHERR offers SaaS and AI to nursing homes, hospitals, and patients at home with an integrated plug-and-play software and third-party device system. Nikolai created WATCHERR after realizing that people often struggle to find time and money to attend to their elderly loved ones, especially during their most vulnerable states. WATCHERR enables 24-hour monitoring, (in and outdoors) tracking their activities and daily routines, and creating data to proactively detect any health risks. The insight collected can help the healthcare provider take the necessary action to help the user in a critical situation.

    “Capturing the data, that’s important for us” added Nikolai. The WATCHERR system has even been given access to 90 countries at the moment. Regarding revenue, Nikolai shared “They pay a service fee for assisted living, for the homecare and business market there’s a fixed fee”. He added that WATCHERR is mainly active in UK and Belgium, and in 2022, WATCHERR’s revenue was €1.3 million. He also shared that obtained investment will mainly be for developing AI.

    Pitching in the third round was Miles Flamenbaum who is the Founder and CEO of ACTASYS. Miles began the presentation by explaining “With ACTASYS we solve the problem of vision sensor function loss”.

    Miles explained that there is a massive deployment of vision sensors, from cameras, lidars, new applications, and more. But sensors are sensitive – when exposed to heat, vibrations, and rain- these ultimately stop working. It’s a maintenance cost and a safety risk. ACTASYS is looking to solve this issue. It detects, then using the data, the system works on correcting it and then creates a report to provide downstream information that will help with the maintenance. Regards to the business model “We provide the solution in three packages, revenues ultimately come from a combination of software licensing and through the sales of those actuators and then subscriptions to the reporting system” Miles explained. He also added that they are currently developing programs with brands like VOLVO, ALSTOM, and AGC by putting their system into their products. What makes ACTASYS different from competitors is its detect, correct, and report paradigm.

    Miles concluded, by displaying the model of the device in question and explaining the economics behind it – which you can enjoy in detail by checking out the full episode.

    The final pitch was presented by DaniiI Inasov, the Founder and CBDO of LEW3L UP. He shared that his work background is in Finance and that he has also started a couple of startups. In recent years, he has been actively involved in Web3 as well.

    Daniil's observation is that the average Web2 user has a significant knowledge gap regarding the Web3 space, which often results in missed opportunities and disappointment. LEV3L Up is created with the aim of solving this. However, it can only be done via Web3. “LEW3L UP is a gamified metaverse hub with credential infrastructure for Web3 communities, businesses & individuals” Daniil explained. LEV3L UP aims to assist Web2 users in navigating the blockchain space, enabling them to build their chain, interpret it transparently, monetize it, find like-minded users, and most importantly, have fun exploring the various options and concepts available for a better user experience. When discussing the aspects of Web3 that LEV3L Up is integrating, Daniil explained that their platform is designed to help users understand Web3 through a carefully structured approach that enables them to gain knowledge and clarity. The platform covers a wide range of subjects within the Web3 space, including Crypto, Web3 Gaming, and more.

    The final question for this episode remained “Why should an investor invest in your venture and team?”

    Daniil explained that they have a strong motivation to educate about Web3 while also having a clear use case and a business model. LEV3L UP also has the CIS and Eastern Europe market with a strategic partnership with a giant of web3.

    Demian responded that the timing is ideal. There's a need to make it easy and safer for people which are the main factors of focus. With Crypto picking up everything is aligned to shine.

    Miles then answered that his team has the ultimate recipe for success. With a seasoned and knowledgeable team, well-connected customers and customer traction; he feels they have the whole package.

    Finally, Nikolai responded that his business is based on a lot of field experience on his own, which led to creating a solution through his business venture which aims to mitigate this tragic loss of life for patients.

    Max then wrapped up the session. The course allows free membership to EquityMatch.co, which enables participants access to marketing and promotion options and puts them directly in contact with investors. Need information on upcoming sessions/events? visit www.equitymatch.co and EquityMatch.co. social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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