Enhance your Credibility and Help Win the War against Dubious Nation with Mitchell Levy's "Credibility Nation"

Top Quote Learn about what credibility really is and how you can be seen as credible. End Quote
  • San Diego, CA (1888PressRelease) October 09, 2020 - For many years, a silent and important war has been fought between two nations. On the one side, there’s Credibility Nation which is composed of humans who go about life and their business with credibility and servant leadership. On the other side, there’s Dubious Nation which is composed of humans who live and conduct their business with self-interest as their highest priority.

    Dubious Nation is on a winning streak and is vanquishing Credibility Nation a thousand times over. It’s shocking to see how many people are forgetting how important it is to live and transact business in a credible way.

    We believe that there’s still hope. There’s still a way for Credibility Nation to win. It definitely won’t be easy, and it won’t happen in a day, but we can do it. It starts by learning what credibility is really about and how professionals can be seen as credible.

    Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. You can download the Kindle version of this book for FREE until October 11! Grab your copy now http://getbook.at/CredibilityNation.

    " I wrote this book with the intention of enlightening humanity about what credibility truly is, how important it is as we move forward to the future, and how we can transform ourselves into credible humans. My hope is that this book will serve as a wake-up call, a reminder, and a blueprint for those who want to join me in this movement toward credibility," says Mitchell Levy (https://aha.pub/MitchellLevy), Global Credibility Expert and Founder of Credibility Nation (https://credibilitynation.com)

    Here are five (5) notable AHA messages from the book that you can share with others:
    According to the dictionary, credibility is the demonstration of trust. That's only 1/3 of what it really is! #Credibility is being known, being likeable, and being trustworthy (see https://MitchellLevy.com/credibility/). -Mitchell Levy https://aha.pub/MitchellLevy

    Your #CPoP is the compass you use to guide everything you do. Your CPoP will guide you because it's the essence of who you are and your purpose. #CredibilityNation https://MitchellLevy.com/CPoP/ -Mitchell Levy https://aha.pub/MitchellLevy

    If you're going to use LinkedIn, use it well. If you're not going to use it well, it may be better to remove your profile. #OnlineCredibility #CredibilityNation https://aha.pub/MitchellLevy

    Sprinkling #Credust is so easy to do, but not a lot of people do it. That’s because we have been taught to stand out and not let others outshine us. That is sad. We should all shine together. #CredibilityNation https://aha.pub/MitchellLevy

    If you #ShowUp for any kind of interaction, SHOW UP! Be prepared and give it all you've got. Make the most of your and the other person's time. #Respect #CredibilityNation https://aha.pub/MitchellLevy
    Read and share AHA messages in this AHAbook on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook by going to: https://aha.pub/CredibilityNationAHAs.

    About Credibility Nation™:

    Credibility Nation is the place where individuals and corporations can learn how to do business in a credible way. Credibility Nation does this by helping you to:

    Be part of a movement that will change this world into a better one -- a world we will be proud to live in, and a world that our children will want to live in. (https://credibilitynation.com) 
    Gain clarity on who you are, who the audience you serve really is, and the “right” messaging you should be delivering in order to attract the “right” people to you. (https://mitchelllevy.com/cpop) 
    Enhance your credibility in your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a lead magnet. https://www.credibilitynation.com/courses/linkedin 

    About THiNKaha®:
    THiNKaha delivers credibility through books, courses, and credreels™.THiNKaha makes it easy to:

    1.Ghostwrite an Amazon Bestselling book and a one-hour course in a topic you have the expertise in. https://www.AHAthat.com/Author/
    2.Create your credibility sizzle reel, showcase who you are and your credibility to your audience. https://www.ThoughtLeaderLife.com/Get-Your-Credreel/
    3.Spread credust (https://Credust.com) with the AHAthat platform. (https://AHAthat.com)
    To have us help your corporation amplify its credibility and thought leadership, please contact Jenilee Maniti at jenilee.maniti ( @ ) thinkaha dot com or call (408) 257-3000.

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