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  • Abira Saran
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  • EMPI%u2019s guiding philosophy of %u2018Innovating Futures%u2019 is the basis for it's institutional ethos, wherein Innovation is achieved, not only through academic study and research at its B-School, but also by incubating and spinning off various initiatives and entities that impact the future. These initiatives are emergent from the dynamic inter-play of Technology
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  • EMPI Business School launches India's first AI-infused PGDM in collaboration with IBM
  • Artificial Intelligence, is the current wheel of the technology these days. This wheel of technology can revolutionize the entire landscape of industries. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform each and every phase of the industrial sector with the help of its power. From the basic level of Agriculture to Healthcare and Defense, AI has the potential to do it all.
  • EMPI Business School in collaboration with IBM has introducedIndia’s first unique AI-Infused Management Programme (PGDM) in all streams(Marketing, Fin ...
  • May 09, 2019