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Senior Account Manager
422 Richards Street Vancouver BC,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B2Z3
Email: kal@elevationpr.com
Phone: 18882144383
FAX: 6046963745
What Makes us Different?
Build brands from the ground up. Work with all types of clients, helping to introduce their brands to the market.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 5
Promotional Offers
Public Relations, Creative Services, and Direct Marketing company
Elevation Pr - Company Description
Elevation PR is a strategic communications and full-service media company, providing premium public relations and creative services along with website and content solutions. Our focus is on integrating proven traditional practices with advances in new media that allow us to quickly boost our clients' profiles and brand visibility.
Key Clients
Empower Sales, Liberty Wines, SkilledWorkers and many more
Focus Area
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Business
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