ECOFuelMax Guarantees Cost Savings on Rising Gas and Diesel Prices

Top Quote Elections are over and prices on everything are rising. Trillions of Taxpayer Dollars have been allocated to install +/-500000 charging stations for electric vehicles. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) December 02, 2022 - Florida, USA. - Federal Government is working backwards Promoting passenger electric vehicles with tax grants (+/- $7500) before charging stations are installed .The American Government has made the Public aware of the Pollution Greenhouse & NOx gas issues affecting global warming. Is increasing Taxes and Inflation the answer when there is a proven guaranteed solution today to profit from reducing Pollution by increasing efficiency

    Elon Musk a leader in electric vehicles unintentionally irritated President Biden Bernie Sanders and John Kerry when he stated Forbes August 29 2022 without petroleum fuels civilization is going to crumble. He has claimed it may take decades to replace petroleum fuels. It should be done in a reasonable fashion. How much of Trillions of Dollars may be misappropriated is many Americans concern

    Unfortunately in many American cities with colder climates electric vehicles are limited or may not work at all. A test done in Florida on Broward Transit Buses showed that due to the high temperatures distances and operations are reduced considerably. Recently a Transportation Director in South Dakota laughed when he told that the Administration granted his small Municipality $15000000 for electric buses.

    Winters in South Dakota like +/-20 other states between November and March experience temperatures below 45 degrees on average. The colder months get as low as negative 27 degrees. Fact an electric vehicle at temperatures less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit has reduced efficiency or may not operate at all.

    The Federal and Municipal Governments have been aware of the ECO’s proven patented solution they have been using for over 10 years. The US Border Patrol Homeland Security Department NASA School Districts and the US Army all have been successfully reducing Pollution/Particulates and Fuel consumption. How it Works, there are multiple certified reports as well as reviews online

    About ECO Fuel Max Systems
    The ECO works on the principle of Electrolysis, the average cost for the ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution aka the ECO Fuel System is $425.00. CARB Approved shown to reduce Carbon Pollution/Particulates and Greenhouse Gases 40% to over 70% it can last 20+ years. No Chemicals No Maintenance No motor modifications No Warranty issues. To do a No Risk Test on your own vehicle(s) or to learn more go online ( or call and speak with a human being.

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