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  • Drew Tucci
  • Phone: 603-668-3300
  • URL: http://www.easternia.com
  • Formerly known as Eastern Bearings Inc., Eastern Industrial Automation is a global provider of industrial automation components, motion control products, bearings, and more. With partners in China and retail locations across America, Eastern Industrial Automation is a premier source for industrial automation parts for businesses and industries everywhere.
Eastern Industrial Automation Press Release -


  • Eastern Industrial Automation Helps Industries Improve with Better Pneumatics
  • Eastern Industrial Automation, formerly Eastern bearing, has rebranded while retaining a strong focus on providing customers around the world with industrial automation and motion control products. As company representatives assert, that extends to pneumatic systems.
  • "You would be surprised by how prevalent pneumatics are," explains Drew Tucci - Director of Sales and Marketing of Eastern Industrial Automation, base ...
  • February 03, 2012