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"Only Angels Can Touch the Stars."
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Shehawnee Prescod
3910 Concord Walk Dr Smyrna,GA 30082,
atlanta, Georgia, United State 30082
Phone: 678-923-4398
FAX: 678-923-4398
What Makes us Different?
Earth Angel PR stands apart due to the personal service given each client. We strive to bring the highest level of professionalism to all endeavors.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 3
Revenue: $1
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Earth Angel Public Relations is a boutique PR Marketing and Advertising firm
Earth Angel Public Relations - Company Description
Earth Angel Public Relations is a boutique pr, marketing, and advertising firm. We specialize in Arts, Entertainment, Charity and Fashion.
We are based in Atlanta, GA with branches in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York. Earth Angel also has a core focus on media relations in all areas of business.
Key Clients
Seraphilm Studios, TRG3 Models, Philosophy Cosmetics, American Stroke Association, Holy Couture Fashion House, Be- Tees, Almanac Boutique, R U a Poleforma Dance Studio, TBMB Music Group, Chanel Cosmetics
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  • Art & Entertainment
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