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Dystopianpress Information
  • Anike Kirsten
  • Phone: 27837726412
  • URL: http://dystopianpress.wordpress.com
  • DystopianPress is a South African science-fiction, fantasy, and dystopia press house. We aim to help South African authors in various aspects of their writing career; from the first draft through to publishing and marketing.

    Company Goals:

    1. To promote South African science-fiction, fantasy, and dystopian literature
    2. To promote and encourage aspiring authors of lower socio-economic standing and previously disadvantaged peoples;
    3. To promote and encourage the use of libraries;
    4. To encourage literacy in South Africa.
Dystopianpress Press Release -


  • A Sci Fi Pocket Novel of Social Injustice, Redemption, and Betrayal
  • A novel that blends together the ideas of Diaspora by Greg Egan and that of Conditioned Response by Majorie F. Baldwin.
  • Of Beasts and Men is a dystopian hard science fiction pocket-novel that deals with social injustices, the consequence of reckless genetic engineering, ...
  • April 06, 2017