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"The sky is always lower than your limit. Aspire to greater things, don't ever let the you in you become an 'it"
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Duchess Naijamaican
12 Stratford Road, Luton Bedfordshire,
Luton, Bedfordshire, n/a, United Kingdom LU4 8NF
Email: accounts@duchesspr.com
Phone: 08453886709
FAX: 08453886809
What Makes us Different?
Its PR with flair, PR with a different approach, its a clear fresh approach, and its all about Africa and Creativity.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 2
Number of Clients: 250
Promotional Offers
Duchess PR provides a niche type promotion, marketing, public relations.
Duchess Pr - Company Description
Duchess PR provides a niche type promotion, marketing, public relations and business management service to all type businesses and individuals with most clients in the music, fashion, entertainment and leisure industry.
Bringing creative flair, intuitive direction, motivation, guidance, organised planning and delivery of campaigns, programs, and execution with dinstictive professionalism using targetted, direct and clear planning and outlining, Duchess brings progression to your career, mission, product or service by project managing, setting up campaigns, showcasing, marketing, promoting, advertising and increasing your exposure and maximising your sales physically and online.

Duchess PR possesses a proven track record of working with working cohesively to facilitate physical campaigns for individuals, music and entertainment professionals, product and service promotion and creative development extending to working to engage fans and harness sales with various forms of social media and physical services such as radio, television and music markets such as Alaba and others in Accra and Johannesburg.

Creating digital conversations and helping clients engage with their communities creatively wherever they meet online. This includes social media and online community a mix of traditional PR and social media experience.

Duchess PR has experience of planning and managing social media and digital campaigns, including online content planning, community management, content seeding , digital PR (blogger outreach) and influencer research.

Other services include Digital asset creation (web builds, hosting, domain registrations, Facebook applications, video, Wordpress websites and Flash websites) - Campaign measurement (ROI, social media monitoring) - Management of online communities including Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and dedicated social networks integrating digital disciplines to PR campaigns, arranging live events and dedicated performances, video and music recording, and more.
Key Clients






Taryor Gabriels


Revival Train

Big Nero

Lekkihood Finest

Jay Naize





Villa Dutch

Esho B

Pato Ranking

7 Thirty

Destiny Piz

Thots On Tees

Owen Gee

Terry Tha Rapman

Mina Her Excellency

Bully Nasty Boi

Congo Blaze

DJ Chascolee

DJ Klem

Eno Will

Soul E Baba

Lili St Geezile


Dr Shine tha Muyuman

DJ Gosporella

The Longjohns




Crazy Brothers
Duchess Pr - Additional Information
Digital Record Label Music Marketing and Distribution in Africa and Worldwide - Speciality - Nigeria and Ghana worldwide Radio and TV Cover.
Strategic Planning Music Asset Maanagement
Focus Area
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Celebrities
  • Magazines
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Television
  • Web sites / Internet
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Web sites / Internet
  • Graphic Design
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