DtiCorp.com Is Introducing 8 Honeywell RA890F Electromechanical Relay Modules

Top Quote The RA890F Protectorelay Primary Control is a nonprogramming, amplifying relay that provides solid state electronic flame safeguard protection for industrial and commercial gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burners. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) October 20, 2011 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Popular Honeywell online retailer DtiCorp.com (http://www.DtiCorp.com) is introducing 8 brand new Honeywell RA890F Electromechanical Relay Modules. The RA890F Protectorelay Primary Control is a nonprogramming, amplifying relay that provides solid state electronic flame safeguard protection for industrial and commercial gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burners.

    The flame current check is the best indicator of proper flame detector application. Perform the check at the time of installation, at any time service is done on the system, and at least once a month or more often while the system is in operation. This prevents shutdowns due to poor flame signal. Perform test by connecting a W136 (or equivalent) microammeter in series with the flame detector and reading the flame signal while the burner is operating. Insert a 196146 Meter Connector Plug, wired color-tocolor to the W136A leadwires, into the test jack on the RA890F. This automatically puts the microammeter in series with the flame detector. If a meter connector plug is not available, disconnect the flame detector lead from the F terminal; then connect this lead to the Black lead of the microammeter, and connect the Red lead of the microammeter to the F terminal. When reading the flame current, assure the following criteria are met: 1. The flame current is steady; meter does not vary more than a needle width. 2. The flame current is at least two microamperes for a rectification type detector like used with the RA890F. The normal operating range is 2 to 5 microamperes.


    - Uses rectification principle of electronic flame detection.

    - Replaces RA890E in most applications and mounts on same Q270A1024 Subbase.

    - Recycles if flame signal lost while in Run. Failure to establish pilot results in a lockout.

    - Safe-start check prevents start-up if flame-simulating failure occurs in flame detector circuit.

    - Includes built-in protection against ignition crossover in flame rod systems.

    - Includes SPDT alarm contacts.

    - Solid state circuitry.

    - Mounts and removes easily through use of captive mounting screws.

    - Mounting base is made of strong thermoplastic.


    - Install the RA890F where the surrounding temperatures remain within the Ambient Operating Temperature Ratings listed in the SPECIFICATIONS section.

    - Install the RA890F where the relative humidity never reaches the saturation point. Condensation of moisture on the RA890F may cause enough leakage to short the flame signal to ground and prevent the burner from starting.

    - Do not install the RA890F where it could be subject to excessive vibration. Vibration shortens the life of the electronic and mechanical components.

    - The RA890F is not designed to be weathertight. If it is installed outdoors, use a suitable weathertight enclosure.

    - Locate the subbase where ambient temperature is within the specified rating.

    - Mount the subbase so the top and bottom are horizontal and the back is vertical. The subbase can lean backward as much as 45 degrees when necessary.

    - When an RA890F replaces an RA890E, there may be installations where ignition interference is not sufficient to destroy the RA890E, but is sufficient to prevent operation of the RA890F due to its arc gap protection.

    - UL Listed: 120V models only; File No. MP268, Guide No. MCCZ

    - Approved: Report No. 17678,19417,19784

    Models available:

    1. RA890F1270

    2. RA890F1288

    3. RA890F1296

    4. RA890F1304

    5. RA890F1338

    6. RA890F1346

    7. RA890F1387

    8. RA890F1478

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