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  • Dragon Droppings Publications produces the Little Rubber Ducky Books line of publications which are intended to put a smile on your face, a song in your heart and, maybe, clear up your exzema. In its short period of existence Little Rubber Ducky Books has become world famous - unfortunately, just not in this world as yet. All the books in the Ducky series have been praised for their overlying undertones of floral aromas, harmonious bouquets, exciting (if not to say uninhibited) astringency and cuisine friendly style.
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  • Dragon Produces Little Rubber Duckies
  • This press release describes the work of Mr. Sterling H. Conway who singlehandedly writes all the books in the Little Rubber Ducky Books line of publications. It is also intended to draw attention to the little known career of the late Brigadier General Viscount The Honourable Sir Marmaduke Ffolkes-Smythe who was known as the Hero of the Northwest Frontier in India (although only to himself).
  • Dragon Droppings Productions is unjustifiably proud and excited to introduce four new titles in its Little Rubber Ducky BooksŪ line of publications. I ...
  • October 17, 2010