Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff of Addiction Outreach Clinic Provides Key Insight into Suboxone And Its Use in Addiction Recovery

Top Quote Addictionologist and Addiction Outreach Clinic Founder Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff takes a closer look at the medication Suboxone®—as well as its use and potential in medication-assisted opioid addiction recovery treatment. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 03, 2019 - Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff built the Youngstown, Ohio-headquartered Addiction Outreach Clinic from the ground up—and has since grown his opioid addiction treatment program from that one modest facility into seven separate locations across the Ohio-Pennsylvania region.

    And one reason for the Clinic’s ongoing success, says Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff, has been the program’s incorporation of Suboxone®, a medication designed to suppress the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that so often make long-term opioid recovery so difficult.

    But though Dr. Atanasoff has experienced considerable success over the years, he still often receives skepticism and confusion when it comes to the use of Suboxone® in addiction treatment. He looks to clear up some of that confusion through a closer examination of the drug, its qualities and its fit within his program.

    What Is Suboxone®?

    Suboxone®, says Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff, is a relatively simple medication that consists of buprenorphine, an opioid addiction drug, and naloxone, which works to block opioid effects on the body.

    Who Administers Suboxone®?

    To receive opioid addiction treatment with Suboxone®, says Dr. Atanasoff, patients must first be examined by a medical professional, such as a doctor. Only such a professional can administer the drug.

    Suboxone is Relatively New

    In terms of opioid addiction treatment medications, says Dr. Atanasoff, Suboxone® is relatively new. It was first made a part of addiction treatment in the U.S. in 2003.

    Suboxone-based Treatment is Generally Easy

    Unlike other medication-assisted treatment programs, those that include Suboxone® are relatively easy to follow and complete—which helps make recovery easier.

    Side Effects of Suboxone®

    Like most drugs, says Dr. Nicholas Atanasoff, Suboxone® is not without potential side effects. The most serious and common of these tends to be respiratory depression—something that occurs in one-to-ten percent of patients who are administered the drug.

    An addictionologist, Dr. Atanasoff remains a firm believer in the use of Suboxone® in the recovery process.

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