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  • DonnaInk Publications Releases Faces of Rap Mothers in Multiple Formats
  • DonnaInk Publications has published Faces of Rap Mothers, by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell through the Beat Deep Books Imprint, is a compilation of fact-driven stories from women who have supported and nourished the legends of rap and hip-hop. There title is just released and taking the industry by storm, resulting in a myriad of formats to choose from among soft cover and hardcover versions.
  • DonnaInk Publications releases Faces of Rap Mothers, by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell. This is a book about the women involved in the lives of rap an ...
  • November 01, 2019
  • DonnaInk Publications to release actor, screenwriter, John Loretto's title, "A Flower Grows"
  • Actor John Loretto, and co-author, Carolyn Kay Doswell, penned their unique story of Banjica Concentration Camp during the Holocaust, which depicts life in the Grey Zone of the darkest era in human history . . . the Holocaust.
  • DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. has signed author, actor, screenwriter John Loretto, and his co-author and friend, Carolyn Kay Doswell, regarding their ...
  • January 31, 2019