Doctor Evidence and Konnectology partner to bring end-to-end evidence on medical treatments: From clinical studies to Real World Evidence

Top Quote With the single common goal of improving patient outcomes, Doctor Evidence and Konnectology today announced their partnership to provide a combination of Real-World Evidence (RWE) and published clinical study evidence on medical treatments. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 27, 2013 - Doctor Evidence and Konnectology's combined approaches bring end-to-end evidence on drugs and medical devices: from clinical studies on efficacy and safety to the clinical outcomes patients experience with the treatment. Doctor Evidence has compiled a comprehensive, relational database of over six million data points from published clinical studies, FDA drug labels, and epidemiological databases. The Digital Outcome Conversion (DOCTM) platform that integrates this information is used by nine of the top ten medical manufacturers across their development and commercialization value chains. Konnectology provides a scalable and customizable web solution to compare patient clinical outcomes for any treatment based on RWE. It uses data from Medicare and patient registries plus predictive analytics to slice the data treatment-by-treatment, hospital-by-hospital, patient-subgroup-by-patient-subgroup. Developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health, Konnectology's methodology improves resolution and specificity of clinical outcomes comparisons.

    A reliance on the published clinical evidence has long been considered the "gold standard" for evidence-based medicine reviews. The combined Doctor Evidence-Konnectology solution will provide a structure for presenting RWE analysis along side the gold standard for EBM reviews. Doctor Evidence's platform will further connect the RWE from Konnectology through a single, common meta-data dashboard that will make coordination between the two technologies seamless. Results from observational data analysis will be mapped and imported to databases of existing data contained in published studies, which have an established structure for reporting patient characteristics and clinical outcomes. This approach enables the application of generally accepted, evidence-based-medicine best practice analytical tools to observational data sets and is a critical step to validating the analysis of observational data. Doctor Evidence will further apply this evidence to its newly launched DOC™ Dashboard, an evidence dashboard tool for the company's corporate clients. DOC™ Dashboard maps from published study data, and now also from the Konnectology real-world evidence, to key-patient-outcome attributes and factors that are essential to successful treatments.

    "I am very pleased that our two companies, Doctor Evidence and Konnectology, are entering into a partnership to provide Real World Evidence to the marketplace. The key values driving this partnership are to structure and analyze incredibly valuable data from real-world sources in the context of data from published clinical studies. Using the purpose of the published literature as a guide and the power of the real-world data as a source, Doctor Evidence and Konnectology can help patients identify the best treatments available and will guide policy-makers to develop the best evidence-based medicine care pathways possible for patients. Doctor Evidence and Konnectology's core partnership premise is based on an alignment of methodological rigor with the goal to serve the people wanting to use real-world evidence in a socially responsible manner." said Bob Battista, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Doctor Evidence.

    Dr. Constantia Petrou, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Konnectology added, "We are excited to introduce Konnectology in partnership with Doctor Evidence to help bring treatments to patients who can benefit from them. Our partnership brings together the most comprehensive and scientifically reliable clinical evidence to drive development of new drugs and medical devices, and to ensure patient access to these new therapies. Healthcare is one of the most data-intensive industries but it is how the data are combined, analyzed and then presented that will bring value to patients and other stakeholders in the healthcare chain. Our software and visualization platform is flexible to link with Doctor Evidence and make this possible "

    Improving the lives of patients
    The two companies working together are providing the backbone and flesh of what data can do. Doctor Evidence structures the critical questions that arise from published studies while Konnectology builds the body of RWE to answer those questions. The focus is on improving the lives of patients by:
    • Finding the best treatments: Users of the combined Doctor Evidence-Konnectology solution can select a medical condition, a pharmaceutical or medical device treatment and a combination of clinical outcomes. They can then compare side-by-side risk-adjusted outcomes across treatments.
    • Addressing patients' unique needs: Treatment outcomes vary depending on patient characteristics. Users of the combined Doctor Evidence-Konnectology solution are able to compare risk-adjusted outcomes for patients of different ages and with different comorbidities.
    • Gaining new insights: Published clinical studies often reveal gaps of evidence for drugs in different patient subpopulations and specific outcomes. The combined solution allows users to query real world data to fill such gaps.
    • Ensuring access: Cost is becoming a major factor in pricing and reimbursement strategies and can determine which therapies reach patients. The combined solution allows users to compare the cost of care associated with the use of specific drugs and medical devices. This facilitates pricing and reimbursement decisions to enable access for patients who benefit from the treatment. No patient who stands to benefit can miss a treatment because of cost.

    "A software platform that analyzes both published and real world data in one place is a critical step to a fully integrated, evidence-based-medicine solution for Doctor Evidence's and Konnectology's clients." Dr. Todd Feinman, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Doctor Evidence said, "This is the future of evidence-based medicine: a combination of published and real-world data."

    About Doctor Evidence
    Doctor Evidence is a specialty software platform and services company aimed to assist stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to make and inform clinical and business decisions with the most relevant medical evidence. Our software platform empowers both public and private sector clients to identify the most relevant literature and conduct ready analyses with the highest level of transparency available for today's evidence-based-medicine methodological standards, in the pursuit of reducing healthcare costs while increasing the quality of patient outcomes. For more information, visit the Doctor Evidence website at

    About Konnectology
    Konnectology is a suite of scalable and customizable web solutions that bring real-world evidence to key healthcare stakeholders. Konnectology combines novel analytics that improve differentiation across outcome comparison groups with an intuitive and engaging user interface to disseminate evidence and improve clinical outcomes. Examples of the Konnectology web applications are at

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