Do Rite And Kill Everything

Top Quote This is a modern day David vs. Goliath which was featured on Popular Magazine on 9/25/2015. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 26, 2015 - David Throws The Red Pill At Goliath Mouth

    A new artist recently emerged and positioned himself perfectly to make a timeless mark within music, and take a shot at the title Greatest Rapper Alive. His first release was on Independence Day called "The Red Pill" with a playlist titled Do Rite and Kill Everything.

    Do Rite
    1) Only 6 artists have hit number one on billboard after death. One of them was a person named Soulja Slim. Just before his murder, he called a young rapper named E Mula his reincarnation and stated that he is putting all his money behind this artist. E Mula was barely a teenager when that statement was made.
    2) On a sound bite Soulja Slim stated that "12 years later and a few months after" he feels something great will happen. Nov 26, 2015 marks the 12 year anniversary of his death. The statement was made in reference to why he chose 12 songs for his final mix tape.
    3) To demonstrate the universe is giving E Mula "positive feeds," on Independence Day he attempted to predict the next Hip Hop beef. He placed on youtube a back to back Drake diss and meme, predicting that a beef with Drake will occur and how Drake will respond. Numbers do not lie. In less than a month that exact event occurred.

    In Hip Hop to be the best you have to beat the best. However, when the name of a legend is used to build hype the line between respect and disrespect is at its thinnest. It is almost impossible to diss an entire industry without disrespecting them or the legend. This is E Mula's attempt at the impossible. The Red Pill takes affect with a video titled "System Failure" where E Mula acts as Meek Mill's ghostwriter.

    Kill Everything
    1. Ground Zero. According to Frank Sinatra, after the War the music industry conspired to sell boat loads of meaningless music focused on money. E Mula suggests that all popular music post 9/11 was the music industry, once again, conspiring to sell the same type of music Sinatra despised.
    2. (Intro) Motivation. Ronald Slim, the Head of Cash Money Records, created a video titled "Motivation." E Mula begins by creating a song that subtly disses that video.
    3. Something On My Mind. E Mula warms up on Kendrick Lamar's instrumental to tell what is on his mind. The song subtly insinuates that dissing Kendrick Lamar is not on anyone's mind. E Mula ghostwrote a Kendrick Lamar type verse.
    4. About to go Live. Rick Ross and Drake are currently seen as hip hop's elite. E Mula's song says the game is "locked like the Warden," and "if you tie a motherfu**er up, make sure that you drake him," In reference to the recent beef.
    5. Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Song represents Tu Pac, Biggie, and Soulja Slim and how the music industry has hunted hip hop's Lions, Tigers and Bears for Rolex's and Cartier's. The songs raps about money and other themes that hip hop represents.
    6. Left Me For Dead. The song says E Mula's "presence is a blessing" because his existence shows why New Orleans considered Soulja Slim a Rap God.
    7. Time. Tu Pac had his friends jump on his diss track Hit em' up, E Mula uses Tu Pac's formula to introduce his best friend who will be on the diss track. His friend is re-introduced by Soula Slim in the Interlude.
    8. Best Rapper Alive. E Mula jumps on Drake's "started from the bottom" beat to diss Lil Wayne.
    9. Cold Cup'a Juice. Newspaper's report that excessive use of LSD causes psychosis making people believe they are a cup of juice. E Mula made a song about it. There is a reason why 12 years ago New Orleans believed Magnolia's Cut Throat Music was the realest music ever heard.
    10. Interlude. In preparation for the diss track E Mula contrasts Drakes lyrics "Take Time" to a representation of a black hole, to show that this is timeless. Listen to Soulja Slim's At The Same Time (feat. Snoop Dogg) to see the relevance of the remaining interlude.
    11. Empire. (1st diss track) Besides creating a track against Drake, E Mula touches every recent hip hop empire.
    a. Roc Nation v. Young Money. Drake and Jay-z have thrown soft jabs at one another. E Mula attempts to kill 2 birds with one stone by using Jay-z's intro in Encore "Who you know fresher than Hov riddle me that? E Mula claims the "Riddler" is the Godfather of the 6.
    b. Young Money v. Cash Money. E Mula compares the Young Money and Cash Money's feud to 9/11's twin towers collapsing. E Mula calls himself the leader of the new One Tower signifing that he is key to bringing the industry together.
    c. Death Row v. Bad Boy. The song begins with Tu Pac's last words on Hit'em up "I'm going to Drop bombs on you Motherfu**ers." E Mula picks up where Tu Pac left by rapping to sound bites of the American Navy testing nuclear weapons on animals. King Real provides the hook which divides America, similar to the East Coast, West Coast war.
    12. Round of Applause. (2nd diss Track) Sticking to Tu Pac's manual, E Mula, gives the spotlight to the second artist, who attempted to make his greatest diss in one verse.
    13. Money Gun. E Mula's video includes astronauts, cruise ships, and yachts. The video disses Nikki Minge's body and the title "Greatest Rapper" to show it as all smoke and mirrors.

    To show respect for the industry E Mula fashioned his music from above the song level. If Left Me for Dead is the core than every other song matches its opposite to create a shout out.

    1) Intro + Interlude = Ronald Slim's Motivation is timeless.
    2) Somethin' On My Mind + Cold Cup A' Juice = There is something on his mind and it will sound crazy.
    3) About To Go Live + Best Rapper Alive = He is about to go live and Drake and Lil Wayne are the Best Rappers Alive.
    4) Lion, Tigers, and Bears + Time = In time he wants to be known as a living urban legend, similar to the stories of lions tigers and bears people tell children.
    5) Ground Zero + Money Gun = Nikki Minage is the modern day Frank Sinatra.
    6) (Bonus) E Mula shouts out P. Diddy and Stunner in the song Time to add a level of respect for industry bosses. Money Gun begins with RIP Soulja Slim to show respect to the industry. The intro also mentions Eminem to signify the fact that E Mula freestyled a portion of his albums, including the last verse of Lions, Tigers, and Bears.

    Like the Matrix, The Red Pill begins with a trip through Wonderland, and each music video is customized to represent the pill's various psychedelic sensations. E Mula's Blue Pill is next. Needless to say, E Mula saved the best for last. To see the Red Pill in its entirety visit As a final note, E Mula's Interlude suggests Drake's song "No Tellin" on "If You Are Reading This Its Too Late," forewarned E Mula's upraising. E Mula has responded to Drake's album with the "Red Pill," which not only calls Drake predictable, but also represents a reality check for those that think "its too late" for E Mula. After all, E Mula's has just begun, and regardless of the mystery that surrounds him, E Mula's natural ability for music and renegade attitude was recognized at a very young age. An EP of the Red Pill is available on Datpiff and "Empire" can be purchased on Itunes. For more information visit

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