Discount Savings Network Provides Hope for Small Businesses

Top Quote Discount Savings Network is company located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada that has revolutionized bargain shopping for consumers and improved local businesses in the process End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) September 25, 2012 - Atlanta, Georgia - Discount Savings Network is a company that was established to promote local businesses in the Windsor area. This business has become very successful and is an active part of the local community. In recent economic times small businesses are finding it increasingly harder to operate. Discount Savings Network was created to improve the commerce in the local market so that these businesses would be present in the future. When communities dedicate time and dedication to small businesses there is no limit to what these companies can accomplish. The money that enters these businesses also benefits the overall community. Thanks to the ideas of the Discount Savings Network consumers are finding that they are saving money and improving the local economy simultaneously.

    The Discount Savings Network was launched as startup business by Joshua Haddon. Mr. Haddon saw a need in the market that could easily be filled by consumer business. Before new border laws were enacted, there was a steady stream of American tourists coming into Canada and spending money. However, that income for small businesses had diminished and the local market was really suffering. Discount Savings Network brought local consumers into contact with businesses that they didn't even realize were available. By offering businesses free advertising the whole program is centered on the future of consumer and small business relations. Through this program people are giving back to their community and providing a future that local small businesses thought was impossible.

    Through the Discount Savings Network many members are receiving deals that are benefiting the overall budget of their households. When this company was established it was in light of Americans withdrawing their business and local consumers travelling over the border. It was found that during the holidays many Canadians would travel over to America to shop and spend money to goods. Haddon saw that there was an opportunity to bring this revenue back to Windsor if they had the right marketplace. That is one of the main reasons that the program has become so successful, local consumers are really enjoying the money that they are saving. Their satisfaction guarantees that small businesses will have more commerce to help solidify their future.

    Discount Savings Network also offers many online savings in addition to the local market. Although, there are many requests that the amount of online savings should be increased. This is why this business has begun to grow even further and the Discount Savings Network has limitless potential. As long as this company continues to provide deals and improves upon the business of the community this program will continue to expand. Not only is this company giving back to the community through commerce, the Discount Savings Network is now donating part of their proceeds to local charities. Haddon has begun to donate one dollar from each membership each month in anonymous checks so that the community can further feel the support of the Discount Savings Network.

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