Director of after-sales service of Audi Center Taganka, Varshavka and Vostok told about service in authorized dealer

Top Quote Why is it unsafe for customers to contact unofficial services for renovation a car? End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) November 03, 2022 - Because special equipment for repair and diagnostics is not available in unofficial service stations. One-time assembly parts are not used, if repairing in unofficial service stations. This may lead to re-repair. Any appeal to such a service station can carry serious risks when operating a car if unskilled personnel work in the service or low-quality spare parts are used. It can be a threat to the life and health of people.

    2. What`re cases of deception most often found in informal service stations?
    Basically, car owners are misled when the standards for the necessary work are significantly overstated. We fix many returns due to the installation of spare parts of dubious quality at the request of customers after visiting unofficial services. Sometimes the spare part in the replacement document does not match the one that was actually installed in the car.

    3. What are the advantages of contacting an authorized dealer?
    The official dealer strictly observes the repair technology, according to the manufacturer's instructions in work. A transparent repair history`s formed, has a positive effect on the sale of the car. Audi Center Taganka, Audi Center Varshavka and Audi Center Vostok customers receive an official 2-year warranty for replaced spare parts. We have a lot of experience in servicing Audi in our arsenal. Audi Center Taganka, Audi Center Varshavka and Audi Center Vostok customers can use the Roadside Assistance service free. This is a free evacuation to the nearest Audi dealer during the year when carrying out any maintenance at an official dealer.

    Our specialists have completed the necessary training at the VOLKSWAGEN GROUP RUS Academy. The manufacturer monitors the statistics of requests in real time. Adjustments constantly being made to the maintenance and repair technology.

    4. How much is the average repair time in official service stations?
    Repairs taken average of 4-5 hours. This includes inspection at direct acceptance, work, multi–stage quality control and a pleasant bonus for the client - free car washing/cleaning.

    5. How does the repair process work in official service stations? How quickly can complex service work carried out there?
    The car is promptly put into operation after fixing the malfunction. Audi dealerships, which are part of the AVTODOM group of companies, have been working with the brand for many years.. It is not difficult for us to find and fix malfunctions. A large number of original parts are always available in our warehouses.

    6. During what time will be spare parts delivered to the official service station, if they are not available?
    Delivery carried out during the day on an urgent order from the central warehouse of the importer. Delivery time is on average 30 days if spare parts are not available in Russia. Daily monitoring and replenishment of the warehouse allows not to waste time searching and ordering spare parts. This also applies to expensive spare parts.

    7. What is analog parts are used at official service stations? What quality are they? Does this affect the technical condition of the car?
    Yes, we use such spare parts after agreement with the client. We have two lines of spare parts so that the customer can choose to use during repair original parts, or install analog ones. We use high-quality analog spare parts from well-known foreign manufacturers. Customers can`t worry about the technical condition of the car if the specialists of the official service center install spare parts-analogues.

    8. What are the advantages of a warranty for service work from an authorized dealer?
    The main advantage is a 2-year warranty will be valid for the work and for the components.

    9. How often can clients use the privileges when servicing at an official service center?
    We have marketing programs for cars and a package of privileges with a list of gift works for regular customers. Each customer receives a free check of the wheel installation angles when carrying out maintenance. Privileges don't mean discounts. Some customers prefer to be mobile. We offer to rent a car at extremely attractive prices. Any motorists prefer fast turnaround times. Spare parts, personnel and equipment will be reserved especially for them in advance. Audi Center Taganka, Audi Center Varshavka and Audi Center Vostok specialists are distinguished by an individual approach. First, we work with customers, and then with cars.

    10. How often are specialists from official service centers trained?
    Specialists are trained quarterly, as well as at the VOLKSWAGEN GROUP RUS Academy training center. The content of the programs is updated AVTODOM group of companies and the importer,therefore it contains international experience.

    11. How are the prices for service in the official service stations formed?
    We adhere to the prices recommended by the importer for spare parts and analyze the service market.

    12. What are the special offers for owners of cars older than 4 years?
    It is profitable up to 50% for work. The benefit on work will be 60% if the car is more than 7 years old. The Diagnostics before purchase service is popular among customers. This is an inexpensive test of the technical characteristics of car. Each new client receives a bonus of 30 000 rubles (a package of privileges) on the first visit to the service. Professional service should be available!

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