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""If a release is not listened by anyone, does it really exist?" Dilek PR"
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Raffaella Becchina
Press Agent
PO BOX 1942 4001, Basel City, CH Basel City, Basel - 4001 Switzerland,
Basel, Basel Stadt, Switzerland 4001
Email: info@dilekpr.com
Phone: +41 61 556 2481
FAX: +41 61 556 2481
What Makes us Different?
We know that difficult times are coming, and the only method of not falling down in the attempt, is to appear in a right way and especially, personalized, without excess but with success.
Company Information
No. of full-time employees: 2
Number of Clients: 963
Promotional Offers
Dilek PR is the smart solution number one in Europe for labels and artists.
Dilek Pr - Company Description
Dilek PR is the smart solution number one in Europe for labels and artists of the electronic music industry, who want to increase their sales and popularity. Our idea in this industry is born of complex thoughts between the logistics and the distribution of Dilek Records and Darek Recordings, but now we are working in the promotion of more than 300 record labels and artists of the electronic music industry. We are conscious that it is vital to differentiate them from the rest, with the right promotion, pointing at the public who consumes our music.

We know that difficult times are coming, and the only method of not falling down in the attempt, is to appear in a right way and especially, personalized, without excess but with success. Basically what we offer is to realize a plan of professional work, with people being employed at this during more than 10 years, and who know every secret of the promotion, from the feedbacks of the most important artists of the industry, up to the banner and video promotion.

We create opportunities for you and your business, by using professional contacts and tools, to offer you the best PR work for your music. Our goal is to help you in a clever way, also by supporting your releases, and we guarantee you a clean and successful work. For our professional promos, we will customize all our campaigns for every one of you, and it will be the same for all the services that are on our list.
Key Clients
NH Records, Coton Tige
Trinit, FreshFood Music
Electrophil Records, Dream Maneuver Records
Filigran Records, Fullflava Records
The Cruzaders Records, Area Sur Records
Permanent Recordings, AOA Recordings
Cinematic Recordings, Database Records
Elusive Records, Kaseta Music label
Hummingbirg, Behavior Sproton
Tip Tap Records, Popcorn Records
Simplified Recordings, Composite Records
Hontas Records, Federico Luchetti
Miniload Records, Limonada Records
La Folia Recordings, Vokodek Music
Redlight Music, Crazy Jack Records
Varied Records, Groove Life Records
Sweet Noise, Abstrakt Records
Presences Recordings, Hertzmusic
Ideedeluxe Records, Stereofx
Black&White Orange Records, Flavour Records
Colludo Records,
Sturdy Recordings,
Lust Recordings,
Home Made Records,
31337 Records,
Blaq Records,
Infra Dig Records,
Levitium Records,
Varianz Records,
Speed Records,
Flumo Recordings,
Micropunto Schallplatten,
Freaky Vibes,
Appetit Records,
Presslab Records,
Religio Audio,
Smiley Fingers,
T-Bahn Records,
FTW Recordingz,
Motech Records,
Kinetic Groove,
Polar Noise,
Lust und Freu.de Musik,
Nice Try Records,
Cs Gas Records,
Grusha Music,
Highway Records,
Once Limited / Once Upon A Time,
Shack Music,
Solardish Records,
MusicZone Records,
Bugs N Stuff Records,
PatPong Records,
Vicario Musique,
Molaman Records,
Taekyon Music,
San Pedro Music,
Dadaismo Records,
Headset Recordings,
NonPop Records,
Quimika Records,
DJ 3000,
Menomale Records,
On the Rocks Records,
Kram Records,
Gooseneck Records,
Sudam Recordings,
Simila Records,
Alex Kennon,
Menomale Music,
Disco Activisto Records,
Current Musik ,
Oasi Lab,
Envloop Records,
Stefano Lotti,
Tannhauser Rec.,
Criminal R3cords,
Dave Manuel,
Hello Memi,
Theremin Records,
Zotz Recordings,
Like Button,
Derek Marin,
Triplefire Music,
Code2 Records,
Aquavit Records,
Robert Solheim,
Nite Recordings,
DJ Karen,
Mario Calegari,
Elektrotribe Records,
Current Musik,
Mojear Records,
Simone Nocentini,
Alex Dolby,
Black Mambo,
Click Muzik,
Locksmith Records,
Giacomo Loiloi,
Ben Wolf,
Hilmar Gamper,
Marco Zanella,
Starcake Records,
Mike Menudo,
Elisha Sitima,
Konflict Records,
Gabriel Marchisio,
Moonnovation (Nick),
Stoffwechsel Records,
Vibe Lebanon (Ceasar K),
Wunder-K (Saverio / Wunderkammer),
Ariel Curtis,
Hypnotic Frames Records,
MothLab Recordings,
2Brains Entertainment,
Planet Groove Music,
Nordik Records,
Drumma (Felipe Venegas & Bruno),
Federico Giust,
Manu Breta,
Nervous Records,
Chant of Victory,
Subtec Rec,
Barbara Fava (DJ Barbarina) ,
Audionumb Music (Rodrigo),
Fernando Fabara,
Evgenie Martinov,
Zheng Records,
Marco Antonio Badillo,
Bipolar Shift,
AK47 Musical Records,
Santos (amigo de Alex Dolby),
Boom-rang Records,
Jim Fazio,
Jarmo (Microphunk),
Lucid Dreaming,
David Catalan,
Esclama Records (Ermes),
BLUEdye (Tork Teberikler),
Rodrigo Lozano,
Bad Data Records,
Tzinah Records / Dan Primaru,
Coal Records,
Mutant Bit Records,
Spezialmaterial Records,
Innowave Studios / Juan Chousa,
Andy Ascencio,
Itchycoo Records,
CNtina House Sound,
Room133 Records,
Biatch Corp / Alvaro,
Francesco Di Marco,
Banshee Worx - Bonzai Progressive ,
Sideways Recordings ,
Minimalistic Art,
Milk Records,
Dance Till Death Records,
Sculpture music,
Login records/ Gvidas,
HSTPL Club Records,
Waffen & Shield,
Housecast Records,
Get Deep Ent,
Doma Musique,
Nicolás Ovalle,
Vinyl Kills MP3,
uf0 (Sergio),
Conflict Records,
Talk Musique,
iPlay Records,
Souled Records,
Kinetic Groove ,
Raw Trax Records,
Plus Eins Recordings,
Riff Raff,
People Records UK,
Dance Cultura,
Legent Records,
Aquavit Beat,
Soun Records / Ürögi Jani,
1744 Records,
Ivan Torres,
Fluorescent Feather Production,
Sonjam Rec,
Reveil 15h Rec,
C24 Rec,
Stoffwechsel Records,
2KK Productions Ltd,
Dark & Stormy,
Question of Time,
Rio Revano,
Simposio Productions,
Smither ,
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"An album not promoted is like an album not released" Dilek PR
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