Delta Airlines Faces Potential Lawsuit For Alleged Neglect, Deliberately Misleading, and Mishandled Baggage

Top Quote In a bizarre twist last night, Delta airlines customer service reps at Hartsfield Jackson Airport (ATL) attempted to blame the passenger when checked baggage was left behind in Costa Rica. The young family of three was practically left-out on the street at the international terminal after a Delta baggage service manager called the police. End Quote
    QuoteDelta loses tens of thousands of bags each month, according to statistics."Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 14, 2012 - Matthew Loop, the Atlanta resident and passenger who's checked baggage was left in Costa Rica yesterday, had given two adult bags and one children's bag to the Delta attendant at Juan Santamaria International airport in San Jose. In his bag were clothes, phone chargers, toiletries, and house / car keys. In his wife's bag were similar items along with baby food and diapers.

    As they boarded Delta flight 412 back to Atlanta, everything appeared to be normal. Once they landed, though, Loop received an email from Delta stating the following:

    "We are contacting you because your bag(s) did not travel as intended to your final destination. We are doing our best to get it to you as quickly as possible. Please proceed to a Baggage Kiosk located near the Delta Baggage Service Office, or see a representative at the Delta Baggage Service Office for additional information and assistance with completing a mishandled baggage report."

    "I was really surprised and caught off guard by the email," said Loop. Once I reached the baggage claim I started to realize that we weren't going to be having dinner anytime soon. The odd thing was that our children's bag we checked had arrived, but not the other two bags that were checked at the same time."

    Once Loop, his wife, and 9 month old son arrived at the baggage service desk, they were told the mishandled bags were going to be expedited the following day. While this was a major inconvenience, the family had figured Delta would put them up for an evening in a nearby hotel so at least the baby would have a place to stay. Their house and car keys were in one of the bags that was still in Costa Rica. No close family or friends of theirs live in the area.

    Loop commented, "Since airlines overbook flights all the time and offer vouchers for a free night's hotel stay, I thought they would just do the same for us since it was Delta's fault the baggage had not successfully arrived. I was absolutely shocked when multiple customer service reps and a manager looked at us stone-faced and said there was nothing they could do. They mentioned it was my fault for leaving the keys in the bag. I couldn't believe she was trying to shift the blame and justify the company's incompetence. Regardless of what was in the bag, though, customers put their faith in the airline to deliver checked baggage safely, on time and intact. I felt the Delta employees were deliberately try to mislead my family and I, as we are aware of Federal regulations for mishandled baggage."

    "We have spent countless thousands of dollars with Delta traveling around the world," Loop elaborated. "I was speechless on how they were treating us based on our regular flight history. As I became more frustrated by the company not doing the right thing, I voiced my disgust to the manager and that's when she actually called the police to have us escorted out. It was humiliating, not to mention the wrong thing to do and unwarranted. This is an incredibly poor reflection on the company. It's as if they feel they don't have to be accountable for their mistakes."

    Loop also responded, "It was just unprofessional and wrong to imply the situation we were in was my fault. Truthfully, it wasn't a good feeling to know our checked baggage did not make it to Atlanta. It almost feels like a violation of trust. Customers every day pay the airline high ticket fees. The least Delta could do is implement better systems and procedures to make sure passengers never have to experience the feeling of losing personal belongings. This company loses tens of thousands of bags each month, according to statistics."

    He went on to say, "Listen, I fully understand that all businesses are not perfect and mistakes do happen. When an error is made, companies have an obligation to the consumer to own up to the mistake and make things fully right. Yes, I am upset at the mishandling of our luggage, but I'm ten times more furious at the lack of compassion, caring, and apathy displayed by Delta employees and the poor customer service. It's just unacceptable for a company of that size and notoriety. Our 9 month old son was crying and without food for 6 hours because of this ordeal, too. We felt neglected, as Delta has a contractual obligation to compensate for lost, delayed, and mishandled luggage."

    Big companies and industry heavyweights like Delta often times think they're untouchable and above the law since the average little guy does not know how to get mass media attention to make change happen. They pack-in passengers like cattle, overbook flights, and price gouge all in the name of profit. Delta has faced hefty lawsuits over this type of conduct in the past ranging from breach of contract to consumer fraud.

    Matthew Loop and his family are considering swift legal action against Delta for the incompetence, pain, emotional stress, and humiliation they were put through. They are also seeking reimbursement for extra expenses incurred as a result of the airlines mishandling. This includes, hotel, food, loss of work days, and more.

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