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Top Quote The role of modern HR systems is beyond hiring and leave management. As enterprises reevaluate the possibilities for HR professionals, here’s our take on a future oriented, centralized HR Management System that optimizes productivity. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 25, 2021 - The traditional façade for the HR cabin has fallen away from quintessential ‘hire and fire’ and payroll regimes. The new-age Human Resource System is designed in a way that it accounts for people management techniques. The role of HR has evolved from mere talent acquisition to pro-active people management – one which operates as a healthy tie between the hierarchal tops and the employees.

    Given the complexity of modern workplace systems, we realized that every enterprise wants its HR suite to step beyond the regular operational roles and move to robust people management processes. However, even the evolved role of HR is limited to the below:

    • Automation of HR Processes
    • Facilitating Remote Access & Employee self-service
    • Tasking Regulations Through Remote Processes
    • Minimizing Human Error
    • Safeguarding Against Fraud

    As a prominent HR management system development company, we have observed that organizations are gradually realizing the need to oust stereotypical hierarchy. This break down of power is necessarily transferring decision making roles to the positions that are ‘more-involved-in-the-process’ to smoothen out day to day operations. Also, businesses are more concerned about building employee engagement to sustain in-office bonds during the lack of face-to-face interactions.

    As a part of our HRMS modernization drive, we have introduced a few futuristic upgrades that have the potential to unlock immense capabilities of the HR suite.

    Performance Management Metrics – The New

    The concern about dwindling employee engagement and a lucrative employee reward system goes hand in hand. As a standard operational process, before switching over to a virtual workflow, we redesigned KRAs for our employees and aligned them according to individual key strengths. This is one development that has been adopted by numerous growth-focused businesses across the world. However, with this came the need for a more defined metrics to define performance. Here are a few identifiers we devised and integrated into our HR tools to weigh professional performance of employees:

    • Timesheet Management: For virtual work processes, task management and meeting deadlines are crucial aspects. Timesheet Management helps individuals keep track of their hours spent on tasks and reminds them of pending deadlines.

    • Peer Ranking Mechanisms: To keep employees more engaged, we have developed interesting feedback systems for evaluating their teammates – which makes them a part of the decision-making process.

    • Online Assessments: We have recognized the need for utilizing compact training sessions to rebuild skillsets for employees and designed online assessment sessions for them to develop new skills and optimize productivity.

    Mobile Plugin – The Inevitable to Beat the Curve

    When we talk about more functional, on-the-go processes, the use of mobile devices becomes a quintessential step. Even the blooming cloud tech is gradually turning to the mobile for ease of access. Our next-gen HRMS solutions are designed in a way that they almost eliminate the need for spreadsheets and other traditional tools. We have developed robust workforce management tool plugins for mobile that facilitates quick learning, trouble shooting, rating and feedback reception abilities.

    Our future-focused mobile HRMS solutions promote quick sharing of references thus promoting peer dialogues at the virtual workplace. Also, since man-on-man interactions are effacing, these futuristic tools allow them to maintain the camaraderie through uplifting peer shoutout and feedback mechanisms.

    The Changing Face of People Analytics

    With time every major organization has understood the need for leveraging employee data for optimizing performances. More so, for the remote workflow, people analytics tools can mark a major difference for businesses that depend on employee behavioral skills. Radixweb has integrated data analytics into HRMS so that not only the HR suite is able to maintain leave and attendance logs but can also evaluate scope for personal development of employees and direct them towards acquiring new capabilities that deems fit for their roles.

    IoT, SMAC (Social Media, Mobile Analytics and Cloud) and Big Data integrations are proactively changing the possibilities for real-time management for the HR. The future is going to place the HR suite in a place where it would be expected to make employee turnover rate predictions and take hiring decisions accordingly. These insightful algorithms are only designed to make them better indicators for employee management.
    Centralized HR Systems for True Modernization

    The entire idea behind integrating HR Management Systems is to collate every employee data, every loose report, all individual capabilities and possibilities, attendance and leave structures and disbursement of funds under one major window. Gone are the days when enterprises would be allocating HR tasks to third-parties or worse around the office. The modern HRMS solutions allows you tie every operational loose end at an affordable budget.

    Revolutionizing the HR process is a must when it comes to optimizing manpower. A centralized HRMS makes you understand your true capabilities as a firm and makes you future-ready for most people management issues. As a firm facilitating modernization across the globe, Radixweb has recognized the need for a consolidated employee management process and designed functionalities that evaluates the gaps in your process and identifies scope for effective reskilling.

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