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  • Davit Mustafa
  • Katjasjata 147
  • URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Felix/709128702503737
  • David Mustafa is an experienced developer. Some of his most known apps are: Pimp my iTeddy, Discguise app, Foto Stitcher, Crazy Mutant Circles, Boat Rush, Blind Ninja, Between Red Circles, Sssnake, Selfie Now and UFO Bow Hunt among others.
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  • "Super Felix - Rocket Adventures": A Brand New and Very Exciting Mobile Game App Can Become An Addiction
  • "Super Felix - Rocket Adventures" is the latest addition in the Super Felix Franchise and promises to become an addiction. Gamers must help Super Felix free his family in a wonderful adventure. It is mobile game app available for iOS devices via the App Store.
  • (Gothenburg, Sweden) - An exciting mobile game app that can easily become an addiction is "Super Felix - Rocket Adventures". It is the latest addition ...
  • October 21, 2014