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Cyphercor Inc. Information
  • Ilana Belfer
  • 555 Legget Drive, Ottawa, ON Canada
  • Phone: (613) 592-5800
  • URL: https://www.logintc.com/
  • Cyphercor Inc., located in Kanata, Ontario, develops and delivers mobile and browser security solutions that enable two-factor authentication credentials. Cyphercor's strong authentication approach offers unprecedented capabilities to smartphone, tablet, and browser users and security-conscious organizations.
Cyphercor Inc. Press Release -


  • World's First Non-OTP 2-Factor Authentication Chrome App Finally Arrives
  • In a cybersecurity breakthrough, Cyphercor Inc. releases the first ever non-OTP (one-time password) based two-factor authentication app for desktops and laptops via Google Chrome.
  • The world's first non-OTP (one time password) based two-factor authentication Google Chrome app for desktops and laptops has finally arrived, as Cyphe ...
  • April 08, 2015