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  • Henry Chen Ph.D.
  • 682 Ridgeview Ter,, Fremont, CA
  • Phone: (408)692-5606
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  • Cynovo Group. was founded in 2008 by a group of Silicon Valley seasoned scientists%uFF0Csenior engineers and entrepreneurs from California%uFF0C USA. It has since become a market leader in advanced mobile payment devices and solutions with unparalleled online transaction security. We provide the android base mobile payment and point-of-sale (POS) hardware systems, along with the online payment gateway platform, linked to back end clouds. Our devices have been certified by China UnionPay, EMVCo. and PCI for MSR , EMV and NFC functions. Particularly, our online platform has enabled and integrated into up-to-date Online-to-Offline payment apps, social media marketing tools, and mobile consume services into a single mobile system. The vertical applications are loyalty card services, restaurant food self services, over the counter financial banking needs and shopping mall cash registers. The award winning products incllude mobile terminals, PAR6 and tabletop device, PAR10.It has been
    an ODM for a number of leading companies in hospitality and retail industries in the US.
Cynovo Group Press Release -

  • Cynovo's New Android Payment Gadget: A Walkable All-in-One POS "Par6" at 2017 CES
  • Cynovo's newly released Par6 is a hit at CES this week for the payment industry, it is described as an Adroid POS mobile device with cost smart in mind for under $269, it has the platform to enable payment gateways and processors, a PCI PTS, EMVco certifed Device, an All-in-One POS solution, is used in one of the lastest banks in the world.
  • Would you rather stand still waiting for your customers to come to your shop counter to pay every time, or you can help them make sensible buying deci ...
  • January 09, 2017