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  • Independent music producer and underground Texas hip-hop figure Cuz Jones has been mashing together music for more than 20 yrs. MusikMulisha is the company Cuz has built for all Music sales, music production and music promotion services. Now with a music store and recording studio Cuz Jones is looking to collaborate with artists world wide and book new talent for the record label launching the summer of 2020. If your looking for strings to go on your guitar or a new sound for upcoming record. Look no further than the only company with 20yrs of self taught experience and unorthodox methods that create a unique sound second to none.
Cuz Jones Press Release -

  • New Music from The Independent Texas White Trash maniac Cuz Jones
  • For 20 yrs music has pumped out of the dirt road historical community in Jefferson Texas. Looking at the Victorian homes and historical markers grunge hip-hop would not be what you’d expect to hear. Cuz has produced every genre of music known to man for his clients on every format audible to the human ear. Even though he’s a white southerner there is no better form of hip-hop music being mixed
  • The new song
    Shoot the Moon
    by Cuz Jones

    Is a unique, bare bones dig at the music industry’s pipe dream soothsayers. I ...
  • March 13, 2020