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  • #401,B-dong dongwoodigitelpark,197, Jeongwangcheon-ro
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  • Crezenn is a leading provider of automotive fuel savings products and services. Miracle3, Sometimes Called "Engine Pretreatment Fuel and Exhaust Gas Abatement Device" or "Fuel Saving Device", Miracle 3 Body is Installed in the Air Cleaner and Powered From the Control Box Attached to the Battery, It is a Method of Optimizing the Environment of a Combustion Chamber Using Air, High-tech, Carbon Fiber, Radiation Energy, Far Infrared Rays, Anions, Ceramic Balls, and a Magnetic Field, Suitable for Combustion.
Crezenn Inc Press Release -

  • Succeeded in Improving "Car Fuel Saving Principle"
  • Vehicle ECU (Automobile Computer Unit) Each Sensor Value Calculation Determines Fuel Injection Volume. Miracle 3 Installation Saves Over 20% Fuel by Optimizing the Combustion Chamber Environment.
  • Siheung-si, South Korea - Crezenn Announced That it has Succeeded in Converting Automobile Fuel and Reduction Principles into Combustion Chamber Optim ...
  • October 30, 2019