Corsican wines spice up Speciality French Foods on 24 March

Top Quote Corsican wines from seven estates - Clos Canarelli, Clos Culombu, Clos Santini, Domaine Cordoliani, Domaine de Tanella, Domaine Sant'Armettu, and Domaine Vico/Clos Venturi- will accompany the French Speciality Food Day organised in central London by the French Trade Commission on 24 March 2011. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) March 15, 2011 - Participants will have the opportunity to sample these unique wines from the French island-region of Corsica at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington.

    The French Trade Commission is delighted to invite members of the press to meet French producers of selected speciality foods on 24 March 2011 at the Royal Garden Hotel, in Kensington (central London). This will also give attendees the opportunity to taste quality wines from seven domains in Corsica (see details below).

    The French Speciality Food Day will start at 9.30am with a conference on the British market for speciality and fine foods, including the market for French foods. The conference will be followed by a lunch/tasting at 12.30pm, which will be attended by French producers as well as British importers, retailers and buyers.

    CIVCORSE, the Corsican wine board, and its representative in Britain, Guillaume Rodet, have great pleasure in being part of this event, which puts French food specialities in the spotlight. Corsican wine will accompany the tasting and the buffet, and attendees will be able to appreciate insular grape varieties that are found nowhere else - Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu.

    "Combined with local soil conditions, the grapes contribute towards a unique output with a Mediterranean flavour, which is the true reflection of the character of Corsica, known in French as the Ile de Beauté," explains Guillaume Rodet.

    Corsican wines are unique and original, and they include remarkable rosés, legendary Muscats, delicious white wines, and powerful reds which mature well, all made according to the principles of traditional agriculture and/or those of organic farming.

    The seven Corsican winegrowers providing the wine for this event have been offering a wide range of quality wines for many years, always striving to meet high standards combining modernity, quality and tradition. Today, Corsica ranks among the great winegrowing regions, thanks to the originality and style of its wines.

    The UK is a priority market for Corsican producers, who know that the unique flavour and insular authenticity of their products appeal to British professionals and consumers alike.

    Clos Canarelli

    Clos Canarelli's vineyards receive excellent exposure to the sun and, in addition, frequent winds and mountain updrafts further improve the quality of the wine. These conditions enable Yves Canarelli, who runs the domain, to produce a range of wines of quality and distinction at his estate in Figari. His passion for the local soil, his meticulous approach and his ongoing research into Corsican grapes, biodynamic cultivation and indigenous yeast all help his estate create high-quality, original wines.

    Clos Culombu

    The Clos Culombu vineyard, which was founded in 1973 by Paul Suzzoni, takes up 60 hectares. In 1986, Etienne Suzzoni, Paul's brother, took over the management of the estate. The vines, which enjoy due south exposure between the 2,000-metre Monte Grosso and the Gulf of Calvi, are cultivated according to traditional methods - neither chemical fertilisers nor weed-killers are used. Typical Corsican grape varieties (Niellucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu) are grown, alongside Mediterranean-type grape varieties (Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault), which round off the rosé's composition.

    Clos Santini

    The Dominici and Santini families combined their respective estates when intermarriages brought them together. The vineyard is located in an exceptional environment, between sea and mountains, at the foot of the Cap Corse, in the St Florent Gulf. The mountainous terrain and the sea are strong thermal regulators, which make an optimal maturation of the grapes possible. The marine spin drift protects the vines from diseases. This exceptional terroir generates memorable and high-quality wines. The vines grow on the hillsides and are located in the area of the Patrimonio Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC), on chalky, clayey, shaly and siliceous soils.

    Domaine Cordoliani

    Since it was set up in 2003, Domaine Cordoliani has opted for a form of viticulture that respects the natural environment: soils are ploughed and vines are grown without the use of herbicides, chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and every task is undertaken manually. The estate covers about 12 hectares, most of it cultivated in Niellucciu, Carignan and Muscat. The Muscat du Cap Corse is a rare and delicate wine: the yields are very small, resulting in highly concentrated grapes. The Patrimonio AOC and its Niellucciu variety produce powerful and generous reds, together with fruity rosés.

    Domaine de Tanella

    The Domaine de Tanella, which is situated in the district of Porto Vecchio, covers 57 hectares. The vines were planted in a single plot in 1965, and combine three typically Corsican grape varieties - Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu, and Vermentinu.

    The soil is granitic, clayey and stony, and benefits from the proximity of the sea (which is only 3km away) as well as from the presence of the river Canella - two factors that contribute towards the draining of the land. Jean-Baptiste de Peretti della Rocca, the owner of the estate, expresses his love for the Corsican terroir through his wines, on the back of a long family tradition: indeed, the domaine was acquired by his forebears in 1855…

    Domaine Sant'Armettu

    Planted on granitic terraces of coarse sand, the vines of Domaine Sant'Armettu flourish on the hillsides of south Corsica, overlooking the gulf of Propriano and the bay of Tizzano. This area of enchanting beauty produces fruity wines with a floral aroma, made from traditional Corsican grape varieties. The vineyard was started about 50 years ago. Since 1996, Gilles Seroin has been running the estate. He follows the principles of a responsible viticulture, which bans the use of insecticides, weed-killers and chemical fertilisers, while keeping the use of sulphur dioxide to an absolute minimum. All working methods respect the principles of a reasoned agriculture, from ploughing to harvesting, which ensures that the terroir and the vines can truly express their unique identity.

    Domaine Vico/Clos Venturi

    This vineyard was planted by Jean Vico in 1902. In a pioneering move, he took the innovative but risky decision to plant vines on high ground, beyond the boundaries of traditional vine planting in Corsica. François Acquaviva, Jean Marc Venturi, and Manu Venturi - two businessmen and an oenologist - took over the domaine in 1990 and completely restructured it. Having introduced agriculture raisonnée (i.e. sustainable agriculture) to the island of Corsica, the owners of the domaine aim to produce modern-style wines that are nevertheless in line with local traditions, out of what is the highest vineyard in Corsica.

    About the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE

    The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London helps French-based companies do business and get better known in the UK; it is part of France's export-support framework.

    The French Trade Commission invites members of the press to meet French producers of selected speciality foods on 24 March 2011 at the Royal Garden Hotel, in Kensington (central London). The French Speciality Food Day will start at 9.30am with a conference. The conference will be followed by a lunch/tasting at 12.30pm.

    Journalists wishing to attend will require a formal invitation. Invitations are restricted to a limited number. Please contact Ms Mary-Ann Williams, Press Officer on telephone number 0207 024 3640 (press office) and, by email, on mary-ann.williams ( @ ) ubifrance dot fr

    About CIVCORSE

    CIVCORSE, i.e. CIV-Corse (where CIV stands for Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins), the Inter-Professional Wine Board for the region of Corsica, is headquartered in Bastia (in the north of Corsica) and was set up in 1996. CIVCORSE represents and promotes a range of wines produced across the French island-region of Corsica.

    At the start of 2011, CIVCORSE opened an office in London (UK), which is run by Guillaume Rodet, who will be attending the 24 March 2011 event.

    For further information about CIVCORSE, please go to:

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