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  • Sharmila Sundaram
  • Krishan Reddy Building, Corefactors, #43/1, 3rd Floor,, Doddanekundi Main Rd, Marathahalli, Bengaluru,
  • Phone: 0806735577
  • URL:
  • Corefactors (Adnaks Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) is a globally recognized business communication software startup that has a niche flagship product called Teleduce. The dynamic duo Ms. Sharmila Sundaram and Mr. Vimal Murali started in 2013, a small cloud telephony solutions firm. Corefactors today manifests itself among top %u2018Software as a Solution%u2019 (SaaS) companies in India. Over the last six years, Teleduce software team has managed to onboard 500 customers%u2019 across India, and countries around USA, UK, and Asia. Our network environs 50 partners and affiliates to ensure quality solutions, customer value and profitability.
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