Chad Love Lieberman Explains Applying Color Psychology to Everyday Life

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  • (1888PressRelease) May 06, 2016 - Did you know that simple changes in your home and everyday life could significantly influence your moods and overall wellbeing? Chad Love Lieberman, an artistic therapist in the UK and USA, explains the effect of colors on our state of mind. He says that our moods, behaviors and emotions can be significantly affected by the colors in our surroundings.

    This could explain why being in certain places invokes different kinds of emotions. A simple change of color in the home can create a vibrant environment for the entire family. Having worked with clients of all ages, Chad insists that color psychology is a huge part of therapy because color is a very effective tool used in communication.

    Colors can communicate different things to people depending on their culture and level of exposure. He explains why businesses have studied color psychology and are using it to expand their customer base. "You'll find the interior décor of many popular restaurants designed with red. This warm color evokes very strong emotions and is often used to stimulate the customer's appetite. In the same way, art therapists use colors to help their clients communicate and get in touch with their emotions," says Chad.

    If you have more cool colors in your wardrobe, that could signify that you love the comfort and warmth that comes when you wear blues, greens and other cooler colors. Chad Love also explains that cool colors can instill sadness, which is why you might want to brighten up your wardrobe with warmer colors like orange and red.

    The artistic therapist, who has been practicing for the last 18 years, states that color psychology can be applied in our day-to-day life. From what you wear to what you buy, colors can affect your productivity and performance. Warmer colors can raise blood pressure because they are considered to over stimulate the senses. Colors that are less vibrant can be distracting and cause a lot of boredom.

    "Put a lot of consideration to the colors you choose in your home or office environment. You may not realize how significant the colors you choose are until they heavily impact your physical and mental wellbeing," says Chad.

    Chad Love Lieberman has used color psychology to help people suffering from a variety of mental and physical issues by combining art and psychology to bring about healing. He advises his clients and anyone with an interest in improving their physical and mental welfare to apply color psychology to everyday life.

    Chad Love - Artistic Therapist

    Chad Love Lieberman is an Artistic Therapist in the UK-USA with the overriding body and the professional Association BA, MA. Chad Love has worked as an art therapist for over 18 years and is still fascinated by each client's unique process and courage to welcome change, self-development and improvement.

    Chad Love says to see an optimistic change in your life you need to have the intention to change it. Going to see a therapist for the first time can feel a bit scary or intimidating. However, this is an important step, which reflects your intention of wanting to improve yourself, your situation or your health. Chad Love says it's a great privilege to be able to support people and guide them through a personal and artistic journey towards recovery and help regain ones' balance.

    Your life or health situation doesn't need to be extremely challenging for you to see a therapist. More people recognize the positive effects of seeing an art therapist on a regular basis can have on their lives. It can improve their communication and quality of relationships; it keeps them more focused and, through increased self-awareness, gives them the ability to cope better with life and its challenges. Therefore, visiting a therapist can be useful for anyone at any stage in his or her life.

    Dr. Chad Love-Lieberman has worked and still works with adults and children with a wide range of issues such as trauma, learning difficulties, loss, anxiety and depression. Over the years, Chad Love has developed a special interest in working with cancer patients for whom artistic therapy can play a significant role in coping with the emotional impact of this illness. Personally, Chad Love has an interest in the practice of mindfulness, Buddhist teachings, meditation, symbolism and color experience that often become visible in his way of working. He is also exhibiting artists creating paintings and sculptures incorporating his knowledge and research into the healing aspects of art. Learn more at

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