Chad Love-Lieberman Enlightens What is Imaginative Therapy

Top Quote Art analyst Chad Love-Lieberman "The Bank of Knowledge" expounds on the inner workings of this revolutionary treatment and palliative therapy. End Quote
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  • (1888PressRelease) June 24, 2016 - "Art therapy is facilitated by an art therapist. It is a mental health practice that leverages the creative process, artistic media and resulting artworks to enable clients explore and confront their feelings and reconcile with any existing internal emotional conflicts," renowned and experienced art therapist Mr. Chad Love-Lieberman began.

    "Art psychoanalysis enables the clients to confront and manage addictions and destructive behavioral patterns, lessen anxiety, improve their sense of self-worth, resolve internal turmoil, deal with physical and emotional pain and improve perception of reality."

    Mr. Love-Lieberman further stated that a major goal in art therapy is to restore or improve a client's sense of individual wellness as well as restore normal functioning considering present circumstance (or as close to normalcy as they can get).

    He added that the practice of art therapy requires the therapist to have working knowledge of visual arts i.e. painting, drawing, sculpting, crafts etc. as well as an understanding of the human creative process, human physiological and psychological development and counseling practices and techniques.

    "Unlike before, art therapy is extensively practiced today in a range of settings, from psychiatric and rehabilitation centers to forensic institutions, crisis and wellness centers to hospitals, clinics and a variety of community settings," Chad Love Lieberman Lawsuit continued.

    Dr. Love-Lieberman further stated that there are both individual and group therapy sessions during which clients are encouraged to tap into their innate art-making capabilities in order to create a transformative effect in their mental, behavioral, emotional and physical conditions.

    According to research, he went on; art therapy coupled with a professional relationship is beneficial for producing therapeutic benefits. The artistic self-expression and inward reflection is intended for people that are struggling with trauma, illness and mental health conditions, as well as those who are simply seeking balance, stability and personal growth.

    In conclusion, he stated that art therapy is not just meant for a particular group of people. Rather, people with a wide variety of illnesses, conditions and needs as well as people of all age groups can benefit from artistic therapy. Through this medium, patients and clients can learn how to relate better, achieve personal insights, get in touch with their realities, enjoy life, reduce negative energy and create balance among many other benefits.

    Dr. Chad Love-Lieberman - Artistic Psychotherapist

    Chad Love Lieberman is an Artistic Therapist in the UK-USA with the overriding body and the professional association BA, MA. Chad Love has worked as an art therapist for over 18 years and is still fascinated by each client's unique process and courage to welcome change, self-development and improvement.

    Chad Love-Lieberman says to see an optimistic change in your life, you need to have the intention to change it. Going to see a therapist for the first time can feel a bit scary or intimidating. However this is an important step, which reflects your intention of wanting to improve yourself, your situation or your health. Chad Love says it's a great privilege to be able to support people and guide them through a personal and artistic journey towards recovery and help regaining ones' balance.

    Your life or health situation doesn't need to be extremely challenging for you to see a therapist. More people recognize the positive effects of seeing an art therapist on a regular basis have on their lives. It can improve their communication and quality of relationships, it keeps them more focused and through increased self-awareness gives them the ability to cope better with life and its challenges. Therefore, visiting a therapist can be useful for anyone at any stage in his or her life.

    Chad "Love" Lieberman has worked and still works with adults and children with a wide range of issues such as trauma, learning difficulties, loss, anxiety and depression. Over the years, Chad Love-Lieberman has developed a special interest in working with cancer patients for whom artistic therapy can play a significant role in coping with the emotional impact of this illness.

    Personally, Dr. Chad Love has an interest in the practice of mindfulness, Buddhist teachings, meditation, theft symbolism and color lawsuit experience that often become visible in his way of working. He is also an exhibiting artist who creates paintings and sculptures by incorporating his knowledge and research into the healing aspects of art. Learn more at

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